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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

adding nicotine to Snusx

I am curious if anyone know the ratios in which to spray on liquid nicotine ? I know all teh dangers and all that as i used to own a e-cig store until my health went down hill.. I have 100mg/ml nic in Veg Glyc and was going to cut it down and mix it with the water to make my own snus.. anyone have any idea what range to raise 8mg of nic per gram to 24mg per gram? I am going to make a cola and a bazooka joe bubblegum lol any help would be appreciated thank


  • I think the only responsible answer to that question would be to cautiously raise it in small increments; it's what I would do anyway - better to arrive safely than crash on the journey.
  • yea i will dilute it down and try on small amounts to gauge I guess thanks for your input
  • I actually did the math and mixed it with glycerin based and used 20mg nic and dumped it evenly and shake the can and then smooth over mix it with a spoon as you would mixing flavors.. If you know what the base tobacco is and the exact amount of nicotine to use then it should be safe , unless you are missing any of information could prove disaster .
  • @Ansel I read that entire thread you posted. That's some pretty intense stuff. I wouldn't try it after reading that kind of thing.
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