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How Long does the Smell of Tobacco Stay in Your Nose after a Snuff ?

Hi Snuffhouse.

I am a brand new snuffer, using Toque. I have found myself having to take a pinch every 5 minutes, at least, to maintain the smell or flavor of the snuff in my nose.

Is this normal?

But to put it in perspective, imo I have done damage to my olfactory capability over the years... I have not verified this with a doctor, but people always smell burning food much quicker than I, and people tend to complain about unpleasant smells much more than I do.. not much offends my smell like other people. In addition, I cannot smell flowers nearly as much as other people do.

I am wondering if the need to pinch every few minutes to maintain the smell/flavor is just a personal thing or universal to other snuffers.


  • I really depends on the snuff. Toque uses all natural flavourings and some are fairly short lived. On the other hand, I can take some F&T Dr J.R. Justice right before bed and still smell it when I get up in the morning!
  • I don't think the idea of scenting a snuff is to create a long lasting smell in your nose. In my opinion, the scenting is simply to make the snuff interesting while taking it. There are snuffs which scents last longer than others most of which can be a bit annoying after a while. These don't usually go over well for all day use. I prefer snuff with a clean finish (like Toque) for all day or pinch after pinch type snuffing.
  • I have the short lived scent prob to, but @Juxtaposer i agree with you, i love the camph&clove toque..but smelling that all day? Might as well lather my neck up with vicks for that lol, but as far as damage to olfactory goes, if you are like me and spent hlf ya life puffin cigs, that as im told kills alot of senses, taste and scent for sure, i think after i been smoke free for a longer period of time, the snuff scents may last longer.
  • 12 minutes
  • Depends on the snuff. Some less than a minute ,other more than wanted.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I agree with @basement_shaman. Some snuffs lose scent for me in about 5 minutes, some stick around for maybe 10 or 15. Toque snuffs keep me pinching too, because the scent disappears sort of quickly....but that's okay by me. :)
  • The question for me would be how long fresh air stays in my nose after my last snuff. Not long:)
  • The snuff that I use gets my juices flowing, so I need to blow my nose LONG before the smell wears out!
  • Perfumed snuffs last a lot longer for me. If I'm going to be somewhere that smells disagreeable, I do a couple of pinches of GH Sandalwood or one of the more perfumed F&T snuffs like Bordeaux or French Carotte.
  • Some snuffs have what I call a "rebound." I might catch a wiff of them even after not taking that particular brand for hours. I woke up this morning smelling WE Garrett. My last sniff of Garrett was 12 hours earlier. Although this could be my mind just prodding me to hurry up and find my PC tripletech that contains the Garrett snuff :)
  • Toque Cheese & Bacon has a long linger and a "rebound" as @Allen called it. Hours later you can get slapped with the cheese stink.
  • I notice the rebound if I have been sniffing away indoors and then go outside into the cold and wind. Some mentholated snuffs will be rebounded hard enough that it feels like the inside if my nose is freezing!
  • Longer than cigi
  • I don't think that I would want a scent to stay with me any longer than the time between snuffs
  • depends on lots of factors. Didn't you read the post that basically said the sense of smell is insanily complex and has lots of strange neurological factors effecting our sense of smell. :)
  • Some Toque flavors do not last very long in the nose but that is ok by me cause the flavors are great.
    Then I am left with the excellent tobacco flavor so all is good.
    Last summer I was working at a waste water treatment plant for a couple weeks and English florals and scented Indian snuff came in handy then.
  • You take a pinch every 5 minutes! Well Sir, I prostrate my self before you, unless it's with one of those Chinese toothpick snuff spoons;)
  • new scents last a minute or two, and always make a big impression. My first experiences with SG Grousemoor and SG Elmo's Reserve really stood out as long lasting experiences.

    Like anything else, with familiarity snuff scents are only noticeable when you take a pinch and for a few seconds after.
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    Depends on the snuff, but my preference are long lasting scents.
  • I prefer scents that don't just last long but evolve as they last.
  • If you want long lasting try anything from F&T those last a long time
  • Thanks for the replies Everybody.
  • maybe 15-seconds maybe less. basically i lose the smell nearly as soon as the snuff enters my nose which kinda sucks
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    The longest lasting I have had is SG Celtic Talisman. I have gone off the aroma of it completely now but I could take it in the late evening and still smell it the next morning when I woke up.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    Indian perfumed snuffs have the most staying power IMHO. If I take 6P Kailash before bed I can still smell it when I wake up in the morning.
  • I opened the thread and was surprised. Whatever tobacco I sniff (Pöschl, Samuel Gawith, Gawith & Hoggarth, McChrystals) the fragrance lasts at least 5 hours. Yes, the aroma will not be as bright as in the first minutes, but I can smell it in the morning and catch the aroma even before going to bed!
  • F&T Patchouli is the one that does it to me. Ghosts worse than a poltergeist that one :)) 
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    The tobacco scent goes away quickly for me. I suppose SG KB stays longer, and the green Rosinski tobacco leaves a little scent. I must need to take more, more frequently. Lol
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