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Dip as Snus

mcostamcosta Member
edited May 2012 in Other Forms of Tobacco
Sorry this is not on the topic of snuff, but I thought I would post here because you guys know alot. I'm wondering if dip can be used the same way as snus. I don't know alot about the properties of snus as I have never tried it. ( I really want to )

That being said, can anyone help me out with my question?


  • Yes they are used the same way. There are basically 2 types of the snus. There is a loose similar to dip and then there is the snus in the portioned bags similar to skoal bandits. Now snus is generally a little safer/cleaner than most dip. As they are generally just made from tobacco, water, flavorings & salts and the ingredients are usually printed on the can. Dip like Copenhagen or Skoal can have other various unknown ingredients and high tsna levels.

    Here is a site with a little info Swedish Snus
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