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OT - Other Interests and Hobbies

Other than glorious tobacco, I am curious to see what other interests or hobbies Snuffhouse residents have. I figure we may have more in common than our love of scented ground leaves.

I'm a big fan of baseball (Go Dodgers!) and I enjoy the evolution of leather goods (such as boots, wallets, belts, etc.) and denim jeans. Which basically means I wear the same shoes, belt, jeans, and use the same wallet everyday, pretty much when I'm awake.

I've even gone 14 months once without ever washing my jeans. True story.


  • I love listening to music and playing it. I'am into painting and writing. In general being creative. I walk cause it's fun. I take pictures with film. I wish I had the money to make short movies mostily comedy skits I've written. Philsophy is a love,and I love talking philsophy with my love (my best friend). Video games keep me sane. And many things I don't feel comfortable discussing here.
  • @bob What video games are you into? I'm a pretty big gamer myself.
  • Been revisiting fallout new vegas. I enjoy that game more then I should. Though my favorite game of this generation is definatily dark souls.
  • War and video gaming (Fallout and Skyrim are awesome, into Borderlands at the moment) , vintage audio, vintage Kwakas, reading, photography...
  • Borderlands definatily got one thing right which is give us a ton of weapons make them all feel and work diffrent. Plus they got the gun sounds right in my opinion.
  • Dark Souls is awesome. I put in 147 hours a few months ago. I was lucky that my internet could handle PvP and Co-op. I was gonna get Borderlands, but my internet isn't good enough, so I just stick to single-player games.
  • I have a small graphics business so anything that has to do with graphics, boating,crabbing,fishing, restorations and learning new things. I have always been one of those people that will try to duplicate things I find interesting.
  • my other major hobbies are guns and fishing. Camping kinda goes with the fishing, but it's not a hobby.
  • My wife and I like hiking through the mountains and forests of Virginia. We usually make a couple of trips to the Smithsonian in DC. She's an avid reader and bear collector (both plush and figurines). I'm a gamer and non-sports card collector.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    Music and books. I intend to take up shooting but it's a hassle getting licensed in the UK and apart from hunting rifles, for which you have to be a bona fide hunter, we are only allowed long barrel revolvers and Buckmark type pistols, and even them after a lot of hoop jumping like a police interview, medical and a minimum six months registered gun club membership. So I'll be taking up clays as getting a shotgun is the only remaining gun we have a right to posses and just requires a form, a fee and a gun safe inspected by the police. But getting round to that whilst making lots of snuff is another matter;)
  • As a younger man I enjoyed playing baseball, football, ice hockey, boxing, shooting, and reading, was a professional fine artist and musician. Now I just do the pistol range (I have a very nice, very interesting collection-mostly shooters), read, and WATCH some sports. I gave up skeet and trap, and a very nice woodshop. Too f-ing creaky at 52. Take care o' those bodies, Gentlemen. Just like your Mums told you, all those injuries (I'm up to 34 broken bones) do come back atcha. I sound like a maracha when I get out of bed.
  • abraxas with a shotgun think of a gentleman farmer with lots and lots of nice silver snuff boxes and some loud silk handkerchiefs :D. my hobbies are gameing rpg's , sea fishing and shooting o yes i'm one of them bona fide hunters here in the uk...
  • MattheFoxMattheFox Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    We have "Turkey Shoots" that run from September til February. $100.00 gets you into all of them and beer is only $1.00 You win meat
    I love these and you can imagine what most of us are like by the end of the shoot. I have a Baikal 12 gauge that I use
    A Turkey Shoot is target shooting not shooting turkeys lol
  • I was in the poultry business for 22 years, looking to get back into it again, part-time. I enjoy keeping bees, a vegetable garden, collecting old 78 rpm records and early 1900's radios with an emphasis on shortwave. I enjoy early farm machinery--steam threshers and old 'hit and miss' engines. I also enjoy photography but lean towards the use of a Kodak Hawkeye as my main camera, (using 120 bw roll film which tends to be very expensive to develop since I don't do it myself.) I enjoy fishing and hunting small game with my children and teaching them respectful use of all the good Lord's creatures. I own an ice cream truck,( much to my wife's dismay) which I roll around in the Summertime with my kids. The best ( and slightly unnerving ) thing to happen to me was to get layed off over a year ago. It has forced me to bring some of my strange ideas to the forefront and DO THEM. You will always survive if you are not afraid to do just adds to the type of person you are of a kind.
    There are so many things in life I'm interested in (mostly older things) that I really feel I'll never get to explore them all. It's hard to believe people say they are bored and nothing to do. Snuff , this site, and the many people on here are another wonderful thing that I've stumbled upon which has made my life better. Thanks all!
  • When I'm not at work I'm usually working on school requirements with the hope that some day I'll be able to stop going to school as it's been 24 years now (K-12, 4 Years as an Undergrad, and 7 years in Graduate school)... When I find myself with some "free" time, I enjoy automotive restoration and updating (current projects - 1965 Chevy C-10 and a 1978 MGB). I also enjoy playing guitar (classic rock, folk, and classic country) and video games (PS3 - Call of Duty/Black Ops, etc).
  • @Abraxas I've always admired many parts of British culture, but the firearms part would keep me from being anything but a visitor. I always carry. We have bears and other feral things, as well as the 2-legged marauders. I get older and they get younger. The saying goes that God made man, Sam Colt made man equal. I'll tell you what, though, anytime you're stateside ring me up, and we'll go have a blast. BTW, you yourself are a real artist at making snuff. I use one or more of yours a day (just wish it had more of a nose bite-I need that).
  • Several years ago I inherited part of a huge stamp collection. It was in need of some organization so I've been working at it on and off. I'll go at it for a year or two, put it away for a year or two, then get back at it. I'm about to start again this weekend while the little one is staying with the grandparents and the weather will keep me inside. I collect USA, Great Britain and Australia. I've almost finished sorting out the USA. Once sorted I'll need to get back into the collecting side of things and bring everything up to date. It will keep me occupied in my spare time for years to come!
  • abraxas with a shotgun think of a gentleman farmer with lots and lots of nice silver snuff boxes and some loud silk handkerchiefs :D. my hobbies are gameing rpg's , sea fishing and shooting o yes i'm one of them bona fide hunters here in the uk...
    how off you are. more like whackyman semiloafer and too me thats a better compliment then farmer. Plus we gotta tease him a little before all our compliments about the great snuff go to his head :) (another hobby of mine is teasing my friends. and I really like making people laugh,like I said I just need some cameras film and the right time to make my skits happen).

  • @Bart when you saying hunting with your children, even though I know it's not true I imagine you throwing a toddler at a deer. That's the kind of thing that's only funny if you know it's not real. That's cool I don't hunt but my dad did the same thing and I'am glad about it. For one it's nice having prove there are plenty of hunters with more respect for nature and animals then most people.
  • @Bart when you saying hunting with your children, even though I know it's not true I imagine you throwing a toddler at a deer.......... That's cool I don't hunt but my dad did the same thing
    So your dad threw you at deer, that explains some things. Please tell me he never took you bear hunting :))
  • bears, lions, wolverines, and honey badger but not deer. I wish he would have made some home movies you wouldn't believe the sounds a bear makes when being mauled by a toddler.
  • Honey Badger.

    Well there's a new flavor for the good folks at Toque.
  • I thought "Honey Badger" was something you got when you didn't do what she asked
  • The more comfortable you are w/ someone, the sharper the digs. When my best friend rings, I ask him how you doing, you bag of shit.
    And the wife's name is 'Honey Bear', not honey badger
    Give yours a kiss for me. I didn't get a chance to this morning.
    See what I mean?
  • I don't really have any hobbies at all and hardly any interest in current affairs nowadays, it's just too depressing.
  • @AllanH You are here with us so I guess you do have a hobby
  • Apple seeds. I have been obsessively collecting them, and germinating them in a paper towel in the fridge. If i see another ten years i'll have an orchard(of mostly crab apples i guess).
  • @PotPoe That IS interesting. What is your ultimate goal?
  • @ad_noseum I am glad to hear I made it on the good friends list
  • @MattheFox You there, you square!
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