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dipping in the emergency room. it works

TotrockeneugTotrockeneug Member
edited March 2013 in The Pub (Off Topic)
grizzly straight


  • Not crazy at all. Nicotine is a natural antihistamine with strong anti inflamatory properties. It also calms you down. Stress plays a major factor in allergic reactions. Because stress hormones increase the bodies reaction to immune responses. It makes sense in as much as if you're stressing and fighting something off there is a good chance that what is causing the immune response is nastier. Example you get lanced by a sterilized needle not as stressfull as if you lanced with a needle I was picking my nose with. In fact cigarettes are a good short term medicine for asthama and a terrible long term effect for asthama.
  • A curious thought.... Do you often pick your nose with a needle @bob?
  • no but it was better then what I was gonna say orginaly.
  • Haha wow that is a surprisingly on topic analogy
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