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to pop or not to pop

totally off topic however, i noticed my lip was sore, felt swollend, reddened and now today its a pimple, its got a whitehead, not very attractive lol. everyone is telling me to pop it however, Im not sure if I pop it it will do more harm as isnt the whitehead the white blood cells in my body fighting the bacteria and if i pop it I will just open up the area for more bacteria. I may be wrong just wanted a fresh opinion on it


  • yeah I would pop it, however that's not really the smart thing to do. Not only are you right about everything you wrote. Also when you pop a zit there is a chance of two things happening you push the puss and oil (which is part of it) back into the sebaceous gland) which will make more zits. Also you can stretch out the pore making it easier for something block up the thing in the first place.
  • What a conversation to wake up to this morning.
  • edited February 2013 PM
    oxy 10 or neutrogena on-the-spot acme treatment ,Popping leaves a pit scar, one is not noticeable but 100 they call you crater face. Treat the pimple or it becomes a dimple .If your uncomfortable with medicine use a drying agent like salt or hold a fresh slice of garlic on the blemish every 15 minute
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    i got one of those and popped it, no way i was walking around with a zitty lip, just wash with hot water and soap and then put some of the stuff basement shaman says when the deed is done
  • distainddistaind Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    Lol not what I was expecting at all but good luck with that.
    Next were gunna see a thread on hemorrhoids lol or like that one Guy that got the boot from snuffhouse that started the thread on testicle rejuvenation. Lmao that still makes me laugh
  • Just pop it, make sure your hands are clean, wash the area after with warm soapy water then rub some tea tree oil or other disinfectant on the area once dry, always worked for me.
  • The whitehead is indeed white blood cells, but they are expended white blood cells containing infection (pus) you want that out. Squeeze it gently until you see blood, then clean and treat as others have said.
    I really am surprised to have to advise anyone on this. I must have popped 10,000 of these things in my lifetime. I get a dozen or so a week.
  • quite convenient this thread, me too! im popping and applying spot treatment. usually use something like zambuck or Vie at home's guardian angel, wonderful things, fix anything and i prefer the taste on my lip if i accidentally get a little too vigorous in applying it.
  • blessed milk thistle for acme if you are breaking out often; taken daily for a month with a one week break in-between you should never have a breakout. This works for mis- balanced hormonal acme not for clogged pores due to dirt or in grown hair. This info is good for your teen aged children or if you get adult acme. Worked 100% for my daughter
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • thanks for everyones advice. @xander yes ive had plenty of them before but none quite as angry and sore as this one. Ive popped it now and just keeping it clean.
  • This is one of them things where you shouldn't do it, it's better to leave it alone. Yet who is going to leave it alone. And no it's not nescarily an infection. It often is just a physical blockage that causes there to be pus and sebum. The pus is there in part to protect against the possiblity of infection. In fact it's not likeily but pop a zit can lead to infection even less likeily the infection can really suck bad.
  • Lol not what I was expecting at all but good luck with that.
    Next were gunna see a thread on hemorrhoids
    Well we've all got piles. Of snuff!

  • My philosophy is that if you are going to attack it, be careful and just try to gradually "drain and expel" try not to "pop" it. I think if you do it right you have less chance of pushing the nasty stuff deeper into your skin. My two cents on this...matter
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