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Lets Face it ... Tobacco et al.

Ludwig_1954Ludwig_1954 Member
edited March 2013 in The Pub (Off Topic)
Good evening, dear friends

Let us face the facts, nicotine is not the only substance administered by the nasal cavities. While I am not interested in the usual suspects, say Glukose or Dextrose as in tobacco-free snuff or in fact, the
less than legal substances like cocaine or chrystal, I am interested in in our age old weed or cultured pant, common hemp or cannabis sativa.

This substance was commonly used in many rural areas of europe, hemp farming being quite
lucrative as hemp was the source of virtually everything connected with rope.
It did not escape the attention of the farmers that hemp could also be smoked. Thus resulted what was
called in Switzerland the "sunntigspfyffeli", roughly: "Sundays little pipe".

I have never heard of reprts claiming that hemp was snuffed, however. Is this at all possible? Has anybody in fact heard about such practice, here or elsewhere? Does anybody have any reference material? I would try it myself, but the risk in my case is too large (other medication).

Thanks for your Input and best regards
Patrick B. Ludwig


  • This is very possible and my friend of a friend of a friend confirmed this but...
    Do you realize the cost of the product? You are adding yet another cost and process that you would not (correction, I would never be able to afford)
    So it would seem possible but to expensive for anyone to want to make
  • A while back I tried grinding some leaf into some snuff and snuffing it. Whilst I got the aroma, it didn't do anything in the way of giving me a high at all. Possibly I didn't use enough...
  • THC--the major psychoactive component in cannabis--is fat soluble. Insoluble in water.

    While cannabis could be dried, ground up, and snuffed, I don't believe the THC would be absorbed through the mucus membranes unless it were in, perhaps, schmalzer form, but I still don't think it would be absorbed in the sinuses.
  • THC in the form of an extract would in fact create the scent and be easily absorbed into the bloodstream but like I stated above... why?
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    I would say most, if not all, of the THC would end up in a handkerchief. It would not be in contact with the mucosa long enough for any of it to pass into the bloodstream, unless you swallowed what is normally blown out, so it would just end up as a not very efficient way of eating it.
    There's a reason no one snuffs it.
  • Actually to make it work you would drop the tobacco and replace it with a complex like b12 or something that would support the oil when mixed but dissolve while in the nose slowly leaving the oil to be absorbed by the membranes.
    You might want to send a request for info to one of the companies that produce THC products legally
  • I have never snuffed the plant material I have snuffed the "keef". I did so out of curiosity when screening some buds to obtain a smokeable quality of the crystalline resin.

    There was absolutely no effect.

    Haven't touched cannabis in years.
  • @Zimobog that is because you were supposed to smoke some first so while you are buzzing you snort some and say "It is so intense, I got the munchies quick" (laughing)
    Could you imagine this snuff that sells for $500.00 a tap box
  • bobbob Member
    you can just make it into butter won't say how. But if you're looking to be more economical that works might make a great schmalazer too who knows. Not that I have any knowledge these are just things you learn when you deal with hoodlums.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Moved to OT, not related to snuff.
  • Thank God a moment of reality @cstokes4
  • @bob yes for the sake the children I will not mention my funny butter recipe, my rastapasta recipe, or my other past hooliganisms.
  • I have some fantastic cannabis scented snuffs. The scent is amazing and well worth doing. Fresh herb is sneezy but baked at 500' for 5'' in a sealed container will make it snuffable as well as help THC absorption. Don't expect a "high" like the kids want but this is a wonderful way to have a relationship with this plant. I normally mix 50/50 with tobacco for this snuff.
  • I believe that the only effect could be caused by what you accidentally swallow ..... like when the snuff get down in throat.
    However, bad boys! O:-)
  • I know this thread is old, but.... I am going to try the cannabis in the hot oven technique. I've scented plain snuff w/ tincture of cannabis, but it wasn't that nice. I know the THC is carboxylized or something like that, when heated to 250 deg.F., but it seems the 500 degree might even give it a toasted flavor. Thanks for the tip "Jposer". I'm not doing it for the high, but I like the scent, so incorporating it into a snuff would be nice.
  • Well, I did grow 3 magnificent plants that yielded about 1lb of mind destroying pot. My snuff experiments w/ cannabis however, were pretty dismal. Oven toasting made it quite dry and snuffable, but all it did was clog my nose and gave no lift or buzz, or anything except a greenish snot blast! I've decided that I only enjoy tobacco snuff. The cannabis might be fine to smoke, but as a snuff, it honestly sucks. BTW, in case anyone here is working for the DEA, I live in Colorado, so I'm not breaking any laws.( you never know who could be reading this)
  • Since my last writing I have made cannabis tincture, an alcohol extract, and mixed a little in with some snuff. It did seem to transfer in the nose. Result was quite good actually.
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