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Favorite snuff-taking technique

How do you prefer to snuff? What do you do most often (if different for some reason)?

1) Finger pinch (thumb and forefinger; thumb and middle finger; etc)
2) Off your hand (back, front or side)
3) Using a spoon or other tool (including "snuff bullets")
4) Right out of the tin (messy)
5) Other (?)

At first, I usually used the scoop of my pipe tool, but found it hard to get the right amount, and the snuff kept falling off at inconvenient moments. Now I mostly use my thumb and middle finger, rubbing my fingers together as I sniff. Sometimes I use my forefinger and ring finger to close the other nostril while I inhale - not strictly necessary, but I think it makes me look like a pro! Afterwards, I tap my nose once in a while to see whether the scent is still there.


  • Number one, I think it allows the most control over how and how much snuff enters both nostrils. It also looks best imo, and I don't end up with traces of snuff smeared all over my face. Plus, I really can't stand having greatly different ammounts of snuff in each nostril which happens all the time if I use any other method.
  • back of the hand, unless its something like abraxas premium which i pinch to keep warmed up. though i warm most up pinching out the tin/tub onto my hand.
  • pinching and spooning
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    Using a bullet as a tapbox, off my thumbnail.
  • The back of my hand, generally.
  • 3_D3_D Member
    Pinch, gives me the most control, then boxcar, then spoon, then bullet.
  • Spoon ( 95% of snuffing use ) I love scraping with side of spoon in compacted snuffs ( i.e . Abraxas Cafe 11) than pinch, than back of hand.
  • Firestarter0Firestarter0 Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    i think back of the hand is the best pressure control, as it lets less air through than pinching, i get less hitting the throat that way, if any.
  • it depends on the snuff type(coarse fine waterbased oilbased etc.) also depens on the situation (in public etc.)
    But pinching is the most traditional and efficient way at least for me.
  • I pinch everything from coarse to a toast.just the way I've always done it.its quick and easy for me now I've mastered techniques.
  • I am predominantly a pinch man.....
  • Dryer snuffs I like to take the thumb and middle finger pinch, for schmalzlers I like the back of the hand in the web method. Because with the Bernard's it comes out in nice clumps and works well, although sometimes gets a little messy.
  • I'm a back of the hand guy, but might pinch or bullet at work. Depending on what I'm doing, I'll either tap or spoon onto the back of my hand.
  • boxcar
  • i find back of the hand method easier for fine-ultrafine snuffs. I never make mistake.
  • This thread inspired me to (re)try the other methods described here which I have so far ignored or which I didn't know yet.
    I've changed my mind about taking fine snuffs from the back of the hand, that really works surprisingly well. At least as long as there is no wind or indoors.
    And Boxcar is definitely very effective. that way I could probably save far greater ammounts of snuff from growing stale or moldy. I usually prefer smaller pinches as I find to much at once prevents me from experiencing all the aroma nuances in a pinch, however there are situations when I want to load my nose as fast as possible or when the weather is bad and I want to get something out of a tapbox.. I'm glad I read about it here, I wouldn't have thought about this myself.
  • Off the belly of a bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston.
    I can dream...
  • pinch from a snuff box, boxcar method for schmalzler
  • just about every way, except using a straw; whatever is expedient.
  • Boxcar, or spoon. multiples, "because you can't eat just one chip"
  • Big pinches using middle finger rather than forefinger.
  • Back of the hand for all but the very finest of snuffs, but reading here maybe I should try it with the scotches and toasts too!
  • back of the hand is pretty much the only way I'll take my scotches. I end up blending most of my snuffs with a scotch, which is why back of the hand tends to be the way for me.
  • I use my Czech pipe tool spoon almost exclusively.
  • I just used a key, worked pretty well though I'd like a proper snuff spoon.
  • Back of hand or pinching (thumb and forefinger or middle finger), about 50/50. It depends on the box I carry it in. Very finely ground snuffs (e.g. Elephant or Dholakia White) I pinch only, so only 60% will end up in my windpipe, and not the whole pinch.
  • Pinch toasts, boxcar most dry to medium, Spoon Schmalzler and other heavy damp snuff .And I use my pipe tool for 6 photo special
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Pinch, Boxcar, custom spoons.
  • I didn't get on well with pinching at first, so I used a spoon for the first couple of years. Then I saw a video on here of an old guy taking some snuff and noticed he used his middle finger. I had been using my forefinger, so gave the middle finger a try. It transformed my snuffing experience. I found I could take much bigger pinches using the middle finger which made taking all the very fine, harder to sniff snuffs very easy to take. There isn't a snuff I don't take large pinches of. And you get so much more nicotine. One of my pinches is equal to about 4 snuff spoons worth. Pinching makes snuff so much more enjoyable.
  • The pinch. Dirty fingernails are just another badge of honor.
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