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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Johnny Apricot-Snuff

AlexAlex Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
During may three day stay at Austria after Christmas, I bought the Johnny Apricot-Snuff at a local tobacco shop in Vienna. It is produced by Pöschl and comes in the usual handy snuffbox. I read that this snuff came in a jeans look box some years ago. Well, this has changed. As I did not know this brand, I contacted Pöschl to get to know more about it. According to a sales representative this brand is only sold in Austria. Its recipe is similar to the Gawith Apricot-Snuff, but still different. I want to add here that I am happy about the willingness of Pöschl to give out information about their products.

The Johnny Snuff has a medium grain and a medium light brown colour. It is clearly mentholated, a bit more than the Gawith I guess. As I do not have any Gawith Apricot-Snuff left I am not able to compare it at the moment. The apricot scent is also recognisable, but a bit later than the menthol one. At least my nose does so. It is easy to snuff and won't hit your throat as the usual Pöschl snuff. A standard but solid product.
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