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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Cleaning snuff boxes, tins, containers

Does anyone clean out there snuff containers that they decant snuff into after a while? I use small plastic pill bottles and only keep one variety of snuff in each (sweet, scotch, honey, etc.). Should I wash it out with soap and water, just water, or leave it alone and just blow it out when it is empty? I don't mean every time it's empty but maybe after 2 or 3 times of emptying it.


  • i tend to just use canned air, if its the same snuff, i tend not to even bother. if theres chance of mould i wash out fully.
  • I don't,Just blow it out, if I am changing snuff I will let it air out before refilling plastic snuffboxes
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  • A little of the old snuff mixed with the new snuff can be interesting in the background. Kind of like the 100 years old chinese soup where they keep adding ingredients and taking soup out without ever taking it of the heat. BTW, i dont know if they actually do that but it sounds interesting.
  • For my wooden snuff boxes, I use canned air to blow out all the snuff crumbs, and then let it sit open for about a week on the shelf. The oxygen in the air elimates the residual scents. I often find that wooden boxes absorb the previous snuffs scent and I don't want ghosting on whatever I put in their next. Any porous snuff box will absorb scent. Plastic, wood and horn would be porous. Porcelain, glass and metal will need little to no airing out in my experience.
  • I just wipe mine out with my tshirt or a paper towel. maybe dampened a little. Just depends on the kind of snuff that was in there previously. The only thing imo you really have to watch out for is mentholated snuff. Menthol tends to stick to surfaces and carry to another snuff easily.
  • Where do you get those plastic snuff boxes?  I've looked all over with no luck
  • See if this works I guess some people here have ordered from them.
  • Wilsons of Sharrow online sell those plastic boxes. I am a bit 50 \ 50 about them however...

  • I don't get how the Rococo snuff tin works.  I guess it's like a tap box but it seems like it should have rubber all around the inside of it to make it easy to turn.  Maybe I'm missing something here.  Just curious
  • @Gormur I have one and they are not easy to turn at all.
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