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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Bohica thoughts

I have read all sorts of mixed reactions to this snuff, so I thought I would throw in my two cents worth as well. I find the "Mayan" chocolate to be most excellent. It is different than any other chocolate snuffs I have tried. I really like it, but in a differnt way than say, Molen's. Its not as sweet. Then the's true it develops over a few minutes into an almost painful burn, so its wise to take small pinches as otherwise it could ruin a fantastic snuff experience. In another thread, I discussed my own chipotle scented snuff that I made using Touque Coltsfoot. It outburns the Bohica, but it isn't as pleasant. In fact, after I use my own chili snuff, I must rinse out my nose just to be able to breathe again. So, what this means is this: bohica is a very nice snuff, but should be used with respect. It's not one to shovel up the nose in large doses!


  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Bohica is a chocolate snuff?
  • Yes - there is a touch of sweet chocolate up front to lull you in - before the BURN hits - and I do mean BURN!!!!!! ........not like it's a bad thing.
  • Great perspective, im excited to have this in the mail. Soon I will be able to see for myself! :!!
  • Great perspective, im excited to have this in the mail. Soon I will be able to see for myself! :!!
    I also just ordered 10g of this. I just had to try it. I like the burn of firedrac, is it much worse then that?

  • Great perspective, im excited to have this in the mail. Soon I will be able to see for myself! :!!

    I also just ordered 10g of this. I just had to try it. I like the burn of firedrac, is it much worse then that?

    @feralgeek @ohiosnuffer

    Im a regular firedrac user. it was my daily and all day snuff not too long ago before i rotated. i recommend keeping a bucket of ice water on hand, with a nasal spray in it to cool. i needed to dip my face in the cold sink even after mixing in about 3 spoonfuls into a full snuffbox of toque quit and sm500. straight it actually felt like when i broke my nose. it creeps up on you too, so be careful.
  • I've used Dargun and FireDrac, and the intensity of Bohica makes those ones look like nothing.
  • I like bohica in the colder times of the year when the temperature is closer to freezing. Like a nice pot of my atomic chili all warm and cozy inside with just a slight perspiration on the forehead
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  • I have 50mg of this and have not had the guts to try it yet. Oh well no guts no glory, lol. will have to try it tomorrow.

  • I recently received a 10gm tin of Bohica. I like it. The chocolate is different than any other type I've taken. Someone called it "Mayan", I'm not sure what that means, but it is not milk choc., and not raw either. It's interesting and pleasant...then comes the burn. It builds up over several minutes and if you've taken a big pinch, or a bunch of small ones, watch out. It's not one I personally would use every day, but everyone is different. My overall opinion is that Bohica is a good, well crafted snuff, but should be used with caution.
  • Thoughts when taking Bohica: Nice chocolate scent, the spice isn't so bad first 5-10) seconds. The chili is starting to take over (10-20 seconds). ARGHHH THE BURN!!! (20 seconds to 15 minutes).
  • It's horrible.
  • The burn is insane. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I tried it the first time. To cool it down i thought I would try another new snuff in my shipment. Little did I know that Doolali Tap was also a burner. That was a painful evening.
  • MouseMouse Member
    @Dogwalla, I feel your pain, lol. Gave my tub of it away after subjecting myself to a few attempts at getting past the hot part, the chocolate part is so delicious.
  • bobbob Member
    Mayans didn't sweeten their chocolate they added hot peppers. So I think that is what people mean by mayan not sure though.
  • I think it would make a perfect joke snuff. It would be a bit of a twisted joke, but the chocolate scent would lure the person in and then they'd get hit with the spices, which don't relent no matter how much you blow your nose or try to drown it out with a different snuff. I've tried mixing miniscule portions of it into mixes, only to find the burn unbearable still. Luckily where I live it can get freezing cold and if I take tiny pinches before going outside the burn gets a little more bearable and so does the cold.
  • If you suffer from pain this will raise your threshold. sore muscles just wet the area with oil; sprinkle some on and rub. Being attacked; just put some in your palm and blow into your attackers eyes then run
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Do you suppose it's anything to do with the reason the Mayans are now extinct?
  • Mayans are not extinct. Its only their civilization that is gone. They have reverted to a tribal society in SE Mexico and northern Guatemala.

    Actually I think it was the Aztecs that added chilli (among other things) to chocolate. Cocoa was a very important part of their culture. They smoked cocoa cigars, used the beans as currency, and to offer a cocoa (drink) to a woman was a marriage proposal.
  • Xander, you are very correct about the Mayans. I've travelled in Yucatan, and almost everyone outside of Merida is an ethnic Mayan, or of Mayan descent. I was trained as an anthropologist, with a sub-specialty in Meso American archaeology. When I travelled there, in the 1970s and 80s, I was mainly interested in Classic Mayan buildings; temples, pyramids, and the changes that occurred post Spanish conquest. I found that while they vacated their ceremonial centers, and lost many of their codices to the conquistadors, they retained their language, religion, some of their art and food choices. Today in fact, if one travels there, one can find lots of spicy hot dishes that have unsweetened cocoa as an ingredient. I never saw people using snuff, but I suspect that they did use it in the period prior to Spanish conquest(1520 more or less) Bohica still is delicious, but rather deadly in it's fire.
  • Well finally tried it last weekend, ouch, it hurts, but I kinda like it. I sound like the little M&M guy in the commercial, lol.
  • As a masochist who plucks his nasal hair for fun, I'm looking forward to this.
  • Great stuff. One of my all time favorites. Yes the burn can be a bit much. However, found that portion control and allowing it to air out makes it more manageable. However, part of me loves the challenge of taming this beast straight. Call me insane, but this leviathan is in my top 5 snuffs easily. This is a must try for all snuffers.
  • I enjoy it--- could live without the FULL up of the burn but is the most excellent cleansing agent I've used because I cannot stand menthols-- @peter77 I too let mine air a bit and seems to help quite a lot. But anyway, it's an excellent snuff and I really enjoy the chocolate at the beginning.
  • Add some to your next bowl of chili, or sprinkle some on your cup of hot coco
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Haha, Bohica is quite an experience for me. I really love spicy food but it makes me sweat... A LOT. Now this snuff makes me sweat like I'm poppin habaneros while running several miles. I definitely get a rush just from the spiciness of this stuff alone, but I have to have a towel or two handy when I'm sniffing it. I'm glad I got it to try out but I don't pull it out too often.
  • Add some to your next bowl of chili, or sprinkle some on your cup of hot coco
    Actually, a bit of chili pepper is good in cocoa. I thought it was nuts when I first heard that, but then tried it and enjoyed it. The Aztecs were on to something with this.

  • I tried dipping it straight but it's too fine, I may try mixing 20% with some plain loose snus and give it a go. It is tasty on it's own.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman Never thought of sprinkling BOHICA in my chili, however, sounds like an excellent idea. Sometimes I put a pinch of snuff in my coffee, I think if find the right flavored coffee I will have an excellent first-thing-in-the-morning beverage. Thank you for inspiring me to further push the boundaries my snuff experiments.
  • @peter77 I just had some vanilla chili coffee creamer and it didn't last long. I usually drink it black ,but I love most hot peppers not just for the heat but the taste also. I make jellys, Sauces, bumped up ketchup. and other culinary treets. I like to learn to make candies and lolly pops using peppers. I have an acquaintance that makes hot fudge with liquid capsaicin .
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman Wow, that all sounds splendid!! You ever do any experiments with any Jolokia peppers? I recently procured a hot sauce that uses the peppers in the blend and it is fantastic. Some Chocolate covered Jolokias would be insanely good.
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