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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

How to classify Snuff?

AlexAlex Member
edited November 2006 in Snuff House Library
How to classify different Snuff types?

* Moist Snuff: made from leaf and stalk, from deep brown to almost black (aka Rappee)
* Dry Snuff: basically made from leaf stalk, from light brown to almost orange or yellow


* Scented Snuff: the original taste of tobacco takes a back seat
* Plain Snuff: the original taste of tobacco comes to the fore, less scented, other types of tobacco


* fine, medium and coarse grain

Snuff or Schmalzler?

* Schmalzler often is more moist than snuff and produced in a slightly different way.

What is Snuff Powder and Sneezing Powder?

* Snuff Powder or Sneezing Powder is an often used expression for tobacco-free powder. It is consumed like Snuff, but there is no effect caused by nicotine.

Sometimes, especially in the US, tobacco for oral use is called Snuff too. This may be a bit irritating and should not be mixed up. What is often meant here is Snus, grounded tobacco in small bags to be placed under the upper lip.
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