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Polish day of snuff

FilekFilek Member
edited July 2013 in General
Today is the 17th of July and I'm taking a big pinch for you all! is organizing this day for the 4th time. Last year with the help of 6Photo we even had a competion here on that day. But why I came up with such an idea?

Browsing the calendar for all events of tobacco, I've noticed that there is missing one important day. We have tobacco fairs on which we find our beloved powder, the Kashubian Polish Championship, Germanic championship and the like festivals. But something was missing. So, feeling sufficiently important organ of Polish snufftakers we decide to make the "Polish Day of snuff".

But why did I picked the 17th of July?

"The magistrate [Sandomierz] using the presence of Augustus II in the city, they received the privilege (on 17 July 1704) to create the first Polish snuff factory".

It can therefore be noted that we celebrate the day snuff at a very important time, remembering the creation of the first Polish tobacco factory, and thus the first Polish factory products.

Wishing you all a happy day of snuff and do hope to see the "English day of snuff", "American day of snuff", etc. etc.


  • I had fun with last years contest. And the 6 photo sponsor made it fun with the old bollywood shorts. I thought it was unusual for a Polish Day celebration. But I love snuff from all parts of the planet. I don't know if it boosted their sales;But it made me a connoisseur of their exotic powder. Thanks for doing that last year it brought back good memories.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Like basement shaman said this does bring back some good memories. The videos from last year were very entertaining and hilarious. With that being said its time for a pinch. With snuff between my fingers hope all of you have a wonderful day of snuff......AHCHOO!
  • FilekFilek Member
    Creating a day of snuff is very easy and I would like to encourage you to make such a day. Come on lads... in Poland we only have the Polish snufftaking championships (and a few other), but they are only noted for one region (Kashubia). The same goes for the Germans or rather Bavarians. We can go on, but... Snuffhouse has a strong international community and if you ever find a need to celebrate just one day of the year - with the whole snufftaking nation - just go for it. Pick a historical event to celebrate, or just pick a date in which you'd celebrate a certain thing. That's all you'd need to do. And it makes a lot of joy.

    Cheers mates!
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