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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Dean Swift Inchkenneth

mrmanosmrmanos Member
edited July 2013 in Types of Snuff
Am I the only person who thinks this snuff is almost exactly like F&T French Carotte? I don't know if this comment is the correct category.


  • Its now in the right category.

    My own notes on this seem to say I agree with you somewhat:

    This was the first Dean Swift that I had that was pretty good. The best thing going for it, is that it has no menthol. It does have a strong floral-sweet-sandlawood flavor. If you don't like French Carotte, you will not like this. It has a floral tone to make it more than one dimensional. That "floral" character is, I am told, musk. I have no doubt that it is a synthetic musk. True musk (from deer) and even musk flower would probably be cost prohibitive for this snuff. The whole concoction tastes kind of like the candy "Smarties." This is the one Dean Swift that I might buy again, but I'm in no hurry.

    However the one that really struck me as simply being the French Carotte but with menthol added was Camelopard. To which I said:

    A camelopard is a strange beast. A camelopard is a legendary animal that is a cross between a camel and a leopard. Eventually science found it to not be mythical and called it a giraffe. Dean Swift Camelopard is also a strange beast. It seems to be a cross between Wilsons' French Carotte and menthol. Why anyone would think of those two things together, I have no clue. It turns out not to be completely awful, just not very good either. Others get musk in this and perhaps there is. I get mainly sweet and sandalwood with slight spice just like in French Carotte. Strange beast.

    "Not completely awful" would be a good summary.
  • FilekFilek Member
    Thank you guys!!! That's the second snuff of Dean Swift that's not in the right tin. I was trying to confront that in this topic:

    DS Cameleopard (EU) -> DS Bezoar (US)
    DS Inchkenneth (EU) -> DS Cameleopard (US)
  • Here are my notes on Bezoar from 2009 which would have been the US versions pre WoS relaunch:

    The menthol is quite strong in this one, and it makes it hard to detect the actual flavor of the snuff. I think there is anise, which may or may not make itself evident, at first. At times its obvious at at times elsusive. It might even be licorice, in fact I'm pretty sure its licorice and not anise (though they are similar). There is also maybe some eucalyptus. Deep in there is something sweet and fruity, but I can't put my finger on it. Raspberry, possibly. The menthol is just too strong to identify. Its a medicated snuff suffice it to say. An interesting side note is that in ancient times a "bezoar" was considered a cure-all for any poison one had ingested. The source of bezoars were cat hairballs and other such things expelled by animals! Look it up if you don't believe me! This snuff gives me sneezing fits too!

    @Filek, I don't believe any changes were deliberate. I think either there were batches of mixed up labels or someone got the paperwork on them screwed up at the mill.

    However, a third possibility is that the original ones were wrong, but WoS couldn't change anything until Dean Swift gave up the rights and it reverted back to Wilson's care.

  • FilekFilek Member
    edited July 2013 PM
    I think that Wilsons doesn't make any record on snuff that they make for someone else, so they forgot what snuff went (and which label) to the US distributor. The thing is that it really troublesome for the snufftakers that had an occasion to try the old US versions... like myself. Seems that's the problem is just for those three snuffs (the snuff that are don't have strange names like Apricot, Raspberry, Jasmin, etc. should be ok)...
    Anyone had DS Bezoar (EU)?
  • IvanIvan Member
    Bezoar is definitely Licorice and not Anise flavoured but I think the name is because bezoar stones were considered cure-alls in the middle ages and the snuff has every type of medication that medicated snuffs use: Menthol, Camphor, Bergamot and Eucalyptus. I've had the EU & USA version they seem identical to me. I have had Inchkenneth and it smells like musk cologne soap-on-a-rope add some Bezoar to it and you have Cameleopard.
  • I've only tried Inch, and Black Watch. Interesting comments on Bezoar. I don't like the tiny tins, they should go bigger w/ a 10 gram or 25 gm. To me, Inchkenneth is like an F&T, nice, but I'd rather have the F&T in the nice 25gr tin
  • HR_pufnsnuffHR_pufnsnuff Member
    edited September 2013 PM
    I wonder if they stick to the little tins so that if you get something that's been mixed up and labelled as something else you don't have much to get through before you can try again!
  • I am expecting to receive some Bezoar in the mail next week. Old stock, freezer stored, might be good. Might be crap.
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