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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

van der Cruyssen from Belgium, anyone heard of it?

Hi, I received a 50 gr tub of this from Belgium today. It was unopened and had a tax and price stamp. Inside, it is very dark, fine grained, with a faint smell of peppermint. I am rehydrating it with a slice of carrot and may add a dash of peppermint oil. I am wondering if anyone in Europe has heard of it. The lady who sent to me said it was popular in Belgium at one time but that now it isn't made at all. The label has an image of an older, smiling woman with a bonnet on her head. In one hand she holds the tin, the other is under her nose, and she has a wry smile, not as wry as the Klostermischung monk, but still, it is a slight smile, giving away her secret pleasure.


  • You've got the "Extra Pepermunt Snuff". When I was making the list of snuffs of all time I also discovered three other:
    - Karotsnuif
    - PepermuntSnuif
    - Pepermuntsnuf Prise A La Menthe

    There's a wikipedia page in Dutch about that producer. You can google translate it easly:
  • Some 10 years ago on a trip to Belgium I bought the snuff in the tobacco museum in Wervik. After that I tried to visit Van der Cruyssen, but no luck, they ware not interested in my revival of the snuff mills in Rotterdam

    Jaap Bes.
  • Thanks for the feedback! Very interesting. At this point in time, the snuff is slightly moistened, very faint aroma of the peppermint, a dark type of tobacco. I took a few small pinches and it has an unusual scent, not the peppermint, but something I can't identify. Well, hopefully it will develop into a nice snuff.
  • @snuffmiller they might change their tune if they could see the success you've made of it.
  • Yeah, maybe so... I tried it this morning after an overnight Q tip soaked with Bergamot and tiny amount of peppermint oil and citron oil. Mixed well in bowl and tried a pinch. Very dry still, but now scented. It may need to have more moisture. I will try another small piece of carrot. The first tiny slice of carrot was totally dry. This snuff must be quite old as there is virtually no peppermint scent left in it. And the container is hard plastic. It had a paper band around it w/ tax and price in Belgian currency, but was not an airtight seal. Hopefully, it will evolve into a nice snuff. Its not there yet. It isn't bad, but it needs something more to become good. Thanks for everyones input. They are appreciated.
  • A week later and it is the same, only a little more flavorful. Perhaps its the type of tobacco( dark, almost black), gring medium fine, or its age. I have no idea. Its a nice curiosity to write about here, but nothing to write home about. But who knows, I may open it in 6 months and find something very nice.
  • @mrmanos: just add a few drops of water and keep the container tightly closed for some time, shake or stir once in a while.

    Jaap Bes.
  • I eventually added lemon peel, bergamot oil, peppermint and clove. It has become a pretty good snuff. It has a really interesting base tobacco. Dark with a kind of sour smell. Its very nice.
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