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Views on Toque's Crazy George?

SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
edited September 2013 in General
Would like some reviews please. Marks out of 5 etc.

Thanks. :)


  • The tins I have opened all are the same, multi scented hard to nail down flavors, I read someone said peppermint ,I didn't get any menthol or mints in my 5 tins. I do get mostly fruits and slight floral, Very enjoyable and easy to use large quantity without any side effects; like clogging.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • The tins I have opened all are the same, multi scented hard to nail down flavors, I read someone said peppermint ,I didn't get any menthol or mints in my 5 tins. I do get mostly fruits and slight floral, Very enjoyable and easy to use large quantity without any side effects; like clogging.

    Rating out of 5?
  • To those who bought in bulk, on faith, you happy, not so happy, over the moon, other?
  • very happy, better than my hoover jar at any rate. Very slight menthol, some cherry notes, fruits 'n flowers, not much in the way of spice.
  • i give it a 4 ... it will surprise you each sniff. a potpourri of lovely toque goodness.
  • I get raspberry,lemon,flowers and mine reminds me of Berwick brown.not a bad mix at all.I give it 4/5.
  • I like it, I get an ever so slight menthol cooling, hardly noticeable, with berwick brown, espresso and a mixture of fruits.
  • TomStrasbourgTomStrasbourg Member
    edited September 2013 PM
    It varies from pinch to pinch. The pinches I just took have more espresso in them, while the first few had chocolate as the dominant note, and others had apricot. There is some menthol, but nothing that will mess with my nose. For the constant novelty and enjoyability, I can easily give it a 4.5 or maybe 5 stars.
  • Tom, I think that's what I like about this crazy concoction, it's full of surprises.
  • at the risk of sounding contrived---it took me back--teenage make out party--sweet smells --great smells!--taste of lipstick. JD smoking a winston cigarette somewhere---but my girl smells great. that was some great soap see used. glad i thought to bring some smith bros. black cherry cough drops with me ---you know ---for my breath. seriously--if this is what toque's floral scents are like.......
  • day 2. it's different today. not taking back anything i said, but floral scents not so pronounced--but i still taste the lipstick -ha. complex--to say the least. only bought a 10g tin. guess it will be relegated to to one of those little nice things that come along. limited and no 25g tins. if you're making an order---i emphasize that you must try it! you large bulk order guys are lucky---i just can't do it. it is swell--maybe iconic.
  • This concoction is really great.
    I bought a tin just to try out and had low expectations for it.

    It has a great flavor and I can take huge pinches with no ill effects.
    Ordered a couple more tins of this as I am sure it won't be around long.

    Very nice surprise.
  • I got a 10 gram tin gifted to me. I find very light florals, a bit of menthol hiding in the back. That was yesterday. Today I found a odd sandalwood scent. Tomorrow? I'm actually excited to find out. A snuff that makes me want to snuff more of it. What more can one ask for?
    I'd give it a solid 4 stars. It is exactly what it claims to be. A weird mix of flavors from a great snuff company.
  • WOW this is good! I love the way it changes with every pinch you take.
  • OK....First......... Crap that I have to buy more snuff after just placing an order


    Second.....crap that I can't find Crazy George on the Toque site

    Where are you guys getting this?
  • Great marketing Idea ,Toque sales are on the rise. And why not? Something for every taste.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Just received mine today. It does change with every pinch. I like it. The smell I got when I opened the tin was a mix of scents with blueberry standing out the most. Upon pinching it seemed like a blueberry coffee mix. I'm looking forward to finding out what else this tin has in store for me as I pinch my way thru it.
  • PincherPincher Member
    edited October 2013 PM
    This is like an Everlasting Gobstopper. It changes with each pinch, it changes in the tin, it changes in the nose. The first pinch for me was definitely citrusy. a bergamot/lemony thing. The next pinch was Rose without question. Smelling the tin gives me chocolate and slight tobacco. After sitting in the nose for a while, I get other florals, violet, maybe lavender. It's good. I think I'll order a few more tins of this, just to keep in the freezer to compare to future releases of limited editions.

    Edit: This is now tasting like when you eat all the flavors of Skittles or Smarties at the same time. There is orange, lemon, rose, grape (not sure how on that one), and something spicy.
  • the more I use this, the more I think it should be called Cocorose. The bergamot/citrus has left, but the chocolate has really come forward, with a lingering rose after a few minutes.

    @Roderick - I sure hope you kept batch notes on this, as this should be duplicated. It's that good! I may have to order more of this next month if there is any left.
  • Sadly no. This truly is a one off. It changes every couple of inches you go down the barrel.
  • @Roderick But some kind of mix like Crazy George (a mixed bag of odds and ends) could be made again, right? The scent will never be duplicated, but the scent from pinch to pinch is different anyway.
  • Yes if we ever reach the bottom it could be started again. Reaching the bottom would only happen if we stopped trying new flavours, all the mistakes go straight in the barrel.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Great way to recoup losses. Business 101.
  • Now my ribs are healing I'm hitting the CG. Huge mounds and it really does grow on me. Delicious!
  • Like something from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory...
  • I get mostly Coke with some floral in my tin, it sounds a bit strange but it's quite nice. It's really neat that every tin or bag is different depending on where in the barrel it came from.
  • Never tried it, sounds like everyone here loves it, all the reviews I found online have been unfavorable so i was thinking about it might be cool to mix similar flavors like all the fruits into a "crazy george fruit punch" all the florals into a "crazy george potpourri" all the nuts cheese and bacon types into "crazy george savory" and mints menthols, and spices into "crazy george Medicated" then sweets (vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon etc) into "crazy george sweet shop"
    Might end up bestsellers.
  • I quite like that. Worth a punt. Might be a while to build up a base but certainly not going to dismiss a good idea.
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