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Quick Question; Mesh Size?

Does anyone know what mesh size in microns I should use to sieve tobacco?

I've decided to splurge on a proper stainless steel mesh screen rather than mess around with pantyhose.

I'm after an average, middle of the road SP type grain size, not too coarse.


  • @doctorbeat

    Do you have a source for stainless Steel mesh screens ? I'm interested in getting a few.
  • doctorbeatdoctorbeat Member
    edited October 2013 PM
    Yup, there's a guy on ebay who sells them for processing cannabis, but they would be ideal for snuff if mounted in a high-walled frame.
    I used the search words "micron" and "screen".
    He sells various sizes, so I want to know which one I should get.
  • NosemudNosemud Unconfirmed
    Not sure what you are looking at paying for these, but screen printing screens are quite affordable and work great for fine sifting. A range of mesh seizes should be able to find something that would suit you.
  • "All Latakia types are sieved over 250 mu. However when moist, it tends to clump a little.
    The Virginia types are sieved over 400 mu, with the exeption of the Mettaijer and Gingerbread. These are sieved over 250 mu.
    Because the Virginia types are stamped, prolonged stamping can lead to a larger portion of finer particles. This holds also for the all the fermented Virginia types.
    The samples of St. Omer No. 1 I sent were sieved over 400 mu." Jaap Bes
    - See more at:
  • doctorbeatdoctorbeat Member
    edited November 2013 PM
    @nosemud: I did initially look at screen printing screens, but I decided that I wanted something durable and long lasting, plus these screens are sold to micron accuracy.
    They are only about $6 for a 6"x6" piece too, so cost is negligible.

    @juxtaposer: I saw that thread, in fact it was the only reference I could find that was any use.
    Trouble is, from what I can gather, those Latakia snuffs (the 250 mu ones) appear to have a rather coarse grind according to reviewers.
    I need something approaching the grind size of WoS SP-100 (my 'reference snuff' for grind size).
    Maybe 150 or even 100mu?
  • I just measured a dried-out sample of SP-100 using a loupe and a ruler. Not the most accurate method, but it sufficed to show that there is no way the particles are anything approaching 0.25mm (250mu) in size.
    This means that I definitely need a finer mesh for the grind that I'm trying to achieve.
    I'm thinking somewhere around 0.1mm (100mu) will be about right.
    Of course, this is based on the fact that I intend to sift my snuff while it is dry, which means the grains will not be swollen with moisture at the time of sifting.
  • @doctorbeat‌ Here's link to some good, cheap poly strainers. Shipping is high, but you could get 100 and 200 micron sizes for just about any size snuff. 400 micron would put you into rappee territory and 600 sounds like Copenhagen FC
  • Good find Chefdaniel, that is a good size strainer for the price, the Mining sieves are just too much $.
  • doctorbeatdoctorbeat Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    The stainless one I bought on ebay works great. I built a frame for it out of PVC pipe, and I made the rim quite tall (~3" or so) so that I don't get any spillage.
    A 6"x6" piece of mesh cost $6 including shipping.

    The only problem is that I bought the 250 micron version, and it's a little too fine. It's perfect for toasts, (about the same as F&T HDT, and it 'balls up' just like HDT too) but not for the medium grind that I was hoping to achieve.
    I think I need something in the region of a 400-450 micron. I really must order one while I'm thinking about it...

  • any update on this?
    what would be mesh size of something like Toque?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 6 PM
    I would stake on 150-100 microns (0.15-0.1 mm) for most SPs. Not sure, just a guess. Try measuring the size of particles. If you are familiar with finer Molens snuffs, they were 250 microns (0.25 mm). Most SPs, with the exception of GH SP and most of the discontinued SG SP-type snuffs, are finer.

    My tea strainer dials at 400-500 (0.4-0.5 mm). Extra coarse, just like neftobak.
  • My tea strainer is about 0,9mm and it's hard to keep the snuff in the nose lol.
    Found a used 0,125mm, guess I will try this. those things are expensive where I live since they are only made for labs
  • I used sieves of 400 ? and 200 ? for resp. coarse and fine snuffs.
  • ? must be mu.
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    I use mostly 400 micron but do take some down to 200 microns.
    The link posted above to "US Plastic" is where I got mine.

  • got my 125. it's quite some work to pass all the powder through it. I would prefer a little higher mash size. I would say it's a good size for when you like very fine grind, but I say that it is a size which you would want to buy as a second or 3rd "professional" sieve. This is the first I bought so I kind of regret it. but I might change my opinion in the future
  • volungevolunge Member
    While on search for cheap locally available sieves, I stumbled upon this set of artemia sieves - 150, 300, 600 and 1000 mu (7 EUR). 1000 probably could be used for making rappee or even snus, 600 - for extra coarse snuff (like Neftobak). These sieves are small, they match the size of the tea strainer I currently use for my micro batches. Definitely a no-go for making large amounts, but should be fine for up to 50 g runs. I'll order this set next month and shed more light on them later on.
  • volungevolunge Member
    JBL Artemia filters
  • SnuffalufagisSnuffalufagis Member
    edited May 23 PM
    Just found these. I was looking at the ones from us plastics but I dont really need anything the size of a 5gal bucket.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 23 PM
    @Snuffalufagis, these Hobby sieves look more convenient (height-wise; Hobby - 1.75" / 4 cm,  JBL - only 1.2" / 3 cm). Great find!
  • @volunge if you do order them let me know how they work out, as im not ready for sieves yet. Im still dialing in my homemade ball mill...
  • volungevolunge Member
    I will, mate! Please share a photo of your ball mill, when you finish assembling it.
  • @volunge I finally got a functional mill going. I broke down an bought a national geographic rock tumbler and fashioned my own barrel from 6" pvc and 2 temporary plugs, and sprayed with some rubberized plastidip paint for traction on the roller. Once filled with 100 chrome steel ball bearing ranging from 1/2" to 3/16" it preforms wonderfully, maybe to well. My first batch was around 20g of lamina from my own cigarette blend dried to crispy in the oven. It made a powder as fine as F&T HDT. Its going to have to go back in as I didnt alkalize or salt it for the test run but it has a very pleasant aroma after some toasting over a camp stove in a retired frying pan, not very strong and quite bitter in the throat. The blend was red and bright leaf flue cured Virginia, some maryland 209 burley, 2 different orientals, and a few cigar leaf scraps from a pipe blend thats currently maturing in the cellar.
  • @Snuffalufagis, good to hear this! I'm really tempted to give rock tumbler a go someday, too. How long does it take to mill 20 g of leaves?

    I have just ordered that set of JBL Artemio 4 sieves, will let get back here when the parcel arrives.

    In my humble experience, a single-base flour (opposite to blend of various tobaccos) makes nice snuff, too. While single variety usually makes a poor smoke and needs to be blended (there are some exceptions to this), it's ok to use single variety for snuff. Worth making a small batch of each leaf varieties you got, following the one and same recipe of your choice. You'll notice the differences and find out which varieties are best suited for snuff.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 10 PM
    @Snuffalufagis, they are good.

    1000 microns - haven't tried this one yet, but it looks ok for snus flour.

    600 microns is a tad finer than my old tea mesh strainer (which is probably 700-750 mics). Made a small coarse batch, looks good. Frankly, it doesn't differ much from my tea strainer flour, but the Artemio one is easier to use (bigger).

    300 microns - medium coarse grind. Some would call it coarse ;)

    150 - pretty much like a standard medium SP-type grind, maybe a little bit coarser. Made a small batch of snuff, very happy with the texture.

    Both Hobby and JBL offer their finest sieves (120 and 150, respectively) separately. If you are not too fond of coarse grind and not interested in making snus, opt for a single 120 or 150 micron sieve.

    120 -
    150 -
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 10 PM
    Image upload failed, so here's the link to the third party image hosting site:

    Left: homemade with 16% moisture content, base flour sifted through 150 microns mesh.
    Right: SG Irish D, pretty dry by now, probably 125 microns.

    So, for a midrib (stem) toast and American dry scotch you would need 125-90 mics.
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