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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

St. Omer No. 1

Our Karotten snuff St. Omer No.1 is at last ready for sale see our webshop.
Unfortunately our credit card facilities are banned by the credit card companies because we sell tobacco products.

Jaap Bes.


  • Hopefully will be available vis Mr Snuff. IF IT IS ANYTHING LIKE THE SAMPLES SENT OUT AWHILE BACK - IT IS SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am very much looking forward to this.
  • Jaap: I am very pleased to hear this. This is one that I have been waiting to try! Will likely have to wait until it's available via Mr Snuff. Sorry to hear of your CC problems.
  • My order from Molens, complete with cute sticker featuring the two windmills, just dropped through the letterbox. The St. Omer No.1 isn't like anything else I have tried: a medium-coarse grind, quite dark with a distinct and unobtrusive fermented aroma with interesting musky undertones... quite mild in the nose, but still noticeable even an hour later. A worthy addition to anyone's collection, and - needless to say - I am chuffed to be the first consumer on this website to have sampled and commented upon the commercial product. Life in the Netherlands has its perks, and being able to order directly from Molens is one of them...
  • Just recieved my order too :) , I´ve to say that while this snuff seems simple in the beginning (fermented dark virginia tobacco in the front) develops slowly in the nose, even after blowing, leaving a dry floral scent later and spicy in the end. The grind is semi coarse but with just the right amount of humidity to feel silky in the nose.

    Incredibly great snuff !!! ^:)^

    My experience is from a 100g tub direct from the mill.
  • Wow. This was worth the wait. Amazing snuff. Rich and deeply tobaccoey.
    I remember smelling the karotten in March of 2011, and even that couldn't prepare me for what I just enjoyed.

    Jaap, keep up the fantastic work. All the times you must have wrapped and unwrapped those karotten was worth it!!!

    Is there any other scenting involved in St. Omer? It's always hard to say if it's just a natural aromatic from the leaf or a well balanced addition with your recipes.
  • These credit card problems that Mr Bes & Rodderick of Toque have recently been having, are very frustrating. I know that we here at snuffhouse are maybe not enough to keep any single business going. But I'm sure we will be damned if we don't do our best to support the snuff business in any way we can.

    I'd drive to a producer & pay cash if I had to!!!
    I agree, the snuff business needs all the support it can get and I would make a trip directly to producers and pay with anything they accepted, cash/check/money order/credit card/gold, anything to keep it going strong. :D
  • @puffpuff: Glad you like it. This is a complicated recipe. The Virginia tobacco is fermented with a sauce containing salt, potash, sal ammoniac, sugar sirup, tamarinds, and wine lees. Flavours added to this sauce are rosewood oil and amber perfume.

    Jaap Bes.
  • @lunecat and md363: Thank you for your support. We hope to go on producing and providing our retailers. So with a detour you will still be able to enjoy our products.

    Jaap Bes.

  • Speaking of retailers, @snuffmiller, has mistersnuff ordered this snuff? I wrote to them and was told they would have to ask the warehouse....
  • @Mouse: Yes their order came in. However there will be a delay in delivery because I severly bruised my ribs and at the moment I am not able to do my job.

    Jaap Bes
  • @Mouse: Yes their order came in. However there will be a delay in delivery because I severly bruised my ribs and at the moment I am not able to do my job.

    Jaap Bes
    Ouch, I'm recovering from the same problem; you have my sympathy. As anxious as I am to try St. Omer No. 1 rest assured I'm more than willing to wait while you take care of healing! If you push it, like I did, it will be weak and prone to breaking again (a 'bruised rib' is really an internal bone fracture). Get well soon.
  • I need this snuff! The sample you sent me last year was divine!
  • @Mouse: Thank you for your advice, I'll bear it ni mind.

    Jaap Bes
  • @lunecat: Yes, but it will take a little longer since I have a pile of orders to ship.

    Jaap Bes
  • I have to say I am getting somewhat concerned to see the "no orders can be accepted at present on account of sickness" sign still up in big red letters on the Molens site. Naturally, my prime concern is for Jaap's well-being; purely as a secondary matter, my stock of St. Omer is getting worryingly low. I should have bought a 100gm tub when I had the chance...
  • @Hapax: Thanks for your concern. Still recovering from my broken ribs. It goes better now but not yet back on full capacity. I plan to remove the signs next week
  • I am reassured to hear that. I hope you'll be back to full capacity very soon - I am not sure the Netherlands can cope for much longer without your products.

    By the way, I was wondering whether you would consider making the karotten themselves available for purchase. One could then grate one's own snuff using snuff-rasps in the traditional way.
  • @Hapax: The karotten we make weigh about 1.5 - 2 kg's and measure about 60 x 8 cm. To big to use with a grater. What was used for graters ware andouilles or scolten, which ware much smaller.

    Jaap Bes.

  • I'm really excited to try this one.
    Jaap makes some truly amazing snuffs
  • I agree. He's been talking about it for four years now. My excitement has grown and grown. I was rich then and ready to buy it. Sadly now that its nearly available I'm poor. Its hard to feel the excitement now :(
  • @xander
    I just put in an order with Mr Snuff
    And have a 100g tub on the way. Pm me your address and I'll be more than happy to send you a nice sample
  • This sounds great, added a tin to my MS order!
    Hand-crafted pens and other
  • @ItsMajick Thank you for the kind offer, but its not necessary. I've got a job prospect coming up, so hopefully I will be financially solvent again soon. Then I will get a nice order of snuff.
  • I got hit by a truck and broke some ribs right before Xmas. I feel for ya. I also had a bullet through my foot on Halloween due to firearm malfunction I'm healing slowly but surely
  • @maxmortmer: I wish you all the best with a quick recovery. Mine took over 6 weeks.

    Jaap Bes.
  • I am delighted to have received my 100gm refill tub of St. Omer from Molens. It's amazing how quickly it has become my favourite Molens snuff of all time; Jaap, thank you for that. This stuff is simply great.
  • A fantastic snuff fabulous flavour all the way through.will be buying more of this.
  • Still waiting on mine. I know it will be worth the wait tho so no worries
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