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Snuff and Losing Weight

I think snuff is a fantastic thing if you're trying to lose weight by eating less and moving more. I remember in the grim period when I refrained from nicotine for four years, I managed to put on 15kg, or 33 pounds. And that starting off reasonably light. I started to have trouble getting in and out of cars, for the first time in my life.

I started smoking a pipe and cutting out sugar and starch and eating less, and I lost a fair bit. But since I've started using snuff, I've come down to what I was about 20 years ago, and pretty quickly. I reckon maybe that it doesn't impact your breathing apparatus pretty much at all, so you have more tolerance for exercise. And it's a good replacement for a quick snack, just a little blast of something to change your mood at a low point in the day, when you might otherwise have a do-nut.

Really cool to be thin and a non-smoker at the same time. Thanks, snuff.

Anyone else reckon snuff works well as an integral part of a healthy diet and exercise program?


  • I don't see it working against health, diet and exercise; opposed to cigarettes which reduces your stamina and snus which sort of weighs you down/ makes you sluggish.

    I have to admit that I eat more now with snuff than I did when I was snusing. Which for me is a good thing, as I wanna bulk up. It does have the ability (for me) to postpone hunger, but I feel it in an artificial way... it feels forced and it gets uncomfortable after an hour or so of doing this. Besides, I am very aware of how the nicotine needs nutrients and hydration to work properly, to feel good at all. Nicotine also seems to burn my nutrients and dry me out quicker. I can literally feel how nicotine runs on other components. A hit of nicotine after food and a drink is absolute bliss of the highest kind.

    I do however feel I am a bit unique when it comes to food and nicotine, I've not met many who agree with my experiences on this factor.
  • There was a snuff I used late 70 early 80 made me loose weight, sleep, hair and teeth. I have yet to loose any weight with tobacco snuff. I am twice the man I was 20 years ago. Could stand to loose a few bags of cement worth. Oh well ,Eat right ,exercise, die anyway.Enjoy today
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • This is a very interesting side of the whole snuff thing. Indeed, I work out outside 2-3 times a week (not so frequently these days because of terrible weather) and appetite suppressing effects are desirable. Especially when it comes to uhealthy snacking during the day..

    I found out that the effect is acually too strong when Im packing strong snuff and a big cup of yerba mate in the morning. Using both at the same and I end up fasting till 6 PM. I get extreme munchies when the effect finally wears off.
  • Snus works even better, at least for me. I have reduced my eating down to 2-3 meals a day as of late (for last couple of months). However, it (tobacco and reduced food intake) does not affect my weigh (which is very stable) in any way. And never had.

    A couple 250 ml cups of strong black coffee with milk and sugar is my only meal until noon.
  • I have battled my weight my whole life, always being the big kid and obese. At my highest weight in 2006 I was 550 lbs...fearing for my life. While I didn't have any health problems, it was only a matter of time. I took the extreme measure of having weight loss surgery in Curitiba, Brazil (2006). I now weigh 180 lbs. and am as active as I was in my teens. My battle now is nutrient absorption and avoiding undernourishment and anemia. I take a fistful of vitamins each day and eat hippy food in small amounts throughout the day. So good. As for my snuffing (cigar in the summer) moments in all of this, it is a stress reliever mostly. It is a short moment that is just for be quiet, relax, and kind of zen-out for a bit. I realized the importance of a little "Me Time" after I suffered severe burnout after setting up, and running the food center (Food Bank) in my home city. The demands and pressure became too much. A more relaxed lifestyle, learning to say "No" more, and snuff have been the turnaround I needed.That is my story...thanks for your indulgence. 
  • @Ben_MacM Quite impressive results! Humbling.
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