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What is the strongest snuff(in nicotine) you ever had?

edited February 2014 in Snufftaking
I want to order some strong snuffs, and I was thinking about Toque Quit or Fubar Willie Pete, but i never tried those.


  • Toque Rustica
  • NTSU black and Taxi Red always make my heart beat noticeably faster.
  • Agreed with @lunecat --- TPS Black and White Elephant are the strongest ones I've used thus far-- they're dailies for me; White Elephant is an hourly
  • NTSU Black and Taxi Red probably, but they are slower release because they are coarser. If you want the nic to hit you quicker, probably the abraxas premium fin, cafe11, toque rustica, white elephant (if you can handle snuff that might aswell be a gas its so fine). toque quit is stronger than regular snuff though. it was a favourite of mine for awhile.
  • IHT #22 is high in nicotine IMO. I was a can-per-day snus user (Oden's Extreme) and a smoker. While I do not get this elusive "buzz" everyone talks about I get a nice lift from it and it keeps me quite satisfied. It's also delicious.
  • mjohnsmjohns Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    I really want to try the Lundy Foot though.
  • The fact that 15 grams of lundy foot is 8 dollars before shipping is such a turn off I wont try it. If I did try it and enjoyed the snuff it would probably make me even more pissed.
  • It is expensive, yes. But when I look back at how much I spent on smokes, I could buy the most expensive snuff there is and still save money. I'm quite happy with my #22 though and am in no hurry to get started on any other snuffs.
  • Dholakia Sparrow.
  • All of above, and, Kendal Brown Special has a mighty belt to it. Most of the darks have a fair kick such as Viking dark etc.
  • I'm amazed no one mentioned US scotches, they're one the heaviest hitters around
  • @n9inchnails Square! Accidentally had a nicotine overdose with this one! Also, Dholakia White and Samuel Gawith Irish D Light.
  • For *my* brain chemistry, Toque Rustica is by far the strongest snuff beating even scotches but I find the heaviest nic content can be achieved by mixing the following snuffs in equal measure:

    White Elephant / D White / Cheeta - whichever white snuff you prefer

    The kick from this blows me away.
  • mjohnsmjohns Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    Scotches are heavy hitters. I can't stand the smokiness personally. The scotch users where I'm from are generally elderly women who use them orally.
  • Scotches, Hedges L260 and Toque Rustica
  • Thanks for the suggestions, i am like a begginer on snuff, I use snuff since 2011, but just brazilian,only now I am trying snuff from other countries. I tried only 2 yet, Toque Cheese & Bacon and Toque Peanut Butter.
  • Be sure to try the Toque Quit. I enjoy it, but it never fails to clog my nose up.
  • Taxi Blue made my pretty little head spin like Linda Blair's in The Exorcist.
  • What kind of snuff do you have in Brazil?
  • I would like to say any kind of schmalzler, but especially pöschl's schmalzlers give me the biggest hits. However, I haven't tested most of those listed above, so I don't really know. On Taxi Red I agree, I just don't like it otherwise much.
  • In Brazil we dont have too much flavors. We have clove, menthol, chocolate, cinnamon, natural and imburana( it is very good, i think it is the best brazilian snuff). We have snuff with sunflower seeds too and it is stronger than the others, burns more.
  • Imburana...what exactly is that? A brand or a flavoring?
  • @braziliandipper I presume you are talking about this? (non Portuguese speakers should let their web browser translate it to English). How does it taste/smell? What else is it used for besides snuff?
  • NTSU is the strongest I've had I think.
  • Taxi Red for me. I've found though that if you are not feeling enough Nicotine, double or triple up your pinch or increase your frequency. I've made myself ill from taking too much of what I thought was a low nicotine snuff.
  • @mjohns Imburana is fairly common scent among Brazilian snuffs. Here's a review of one of the ones I have sampled:
  • Thanks for the info. May try to get my hands on some
  • Taxi Red? NTSU black? Cheeta
  • Imburana is a seed of a tree, to me the smell is similar to coffee/chocolate with tobacco. There are not many brands and they are very similar if the flavor is the same, i think it is because the production it is the same way.
  • Viking Dark
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