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Hedges L260 at breakfast there anything finer?



  • I don't find Wilsons SM500 nearly as medicated as Hedges L260. The closest thing in strength I think is Poschl Radford. But personally I prefer Hedges.

    Anyone know who makes Hedges? Hard to imagine with only one snuff that it's an independent production. But I havent found anything quite like it. Like @jbrentoniv as I've gotten more acclimated to Hedges there's more depth to it than just extreme medication
  • I like something strong, simple enough to enjoy without thinking too much but complex enough that I still enjoy it after I've gotten halfway into my second cup of coffee, lightly mentholated, and easy to take in the morning. Nothing that will clash with my plain black coffee/elixir of life's flavor. Thus, in the morning I like 6P Kailash, Special, or Anarkali, sometimes WoS SP100 or Natural. If I'm feeling frisky on the menthol, I like a pinch of McChrystals Original and Genuine or Samuel Gawith Menthol with my morning cups. 

    I tend to save my heavily mentholated snuffs for later in the day so my nasal passages will be nice and open by bedtime.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @ar47 Apparently it is made by... Imperial Tobacco Limited: (look the description below for additional pack information).

    And interesting info on ingredients in this thread:
    Menthol 4.5%, Oleum Eucalypti 4.5% Tabacum Pulveratum 91%, as printed on the lid of old tin (c. 1930/40s). Just like the guy who originally posted it, I wonder if the recipe is still the same.. Worth trying to replicate at home!

    Let me recommend another fine medicated snuff, close rival of the Hedges L260 - Kensington snuff, made by Swedish Match / Arnold Andre / Scandinavian Tobacco (not sure, which company is the manufacturer nowadays). Tobacco 63%, water 20%, potash 6%, eucalyptus oil 4.1%, menthol 3.7%, salt 1.6%, lavender oil 1% and 1.5% of something undefined. Hopefully Mr. Snuff will restock.

  • I wonder, is it still the same snuff. Or "small changes" were made by the new owner, just like with J&H W snuffs.
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