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I am a big fan of Viking Blonde, Brown and Dark, but I don't see any reviews on Peach, Spear or Menthol.



  • I've never had the peach or spear, but the menthol has the same grind and moisture of Brown, with surprisingly strong menthol.
  • R25R25 Member
    Peach is quite morish if you ask me nice and juicy and not artificial, I think it and spear use the same grind as brown.

    Spear is really really strong with the spearmint it's like sniffing toothpaste, it's not bad though.
  • Viking Spear is wonderful and replaces Taxi Rock well enough.
  • I just got a 25g tin of spear three days ago and it's almost gone. I can't seem to keep myself from shoveling it into my face holes. This is going to be one I keep on my person at all times from now on.
  • MarvinLapsusMarvinLapsus Member
    edited December 2014 PM
    Viking Spear is the only spearmint snuff I found so far that my nose can tolerate. With the pepperminty McChrystal's Supermint it is the best "toothpaste" snuff" around. It has a green, almost lavendery smell, distinctively fresh-leaf like, which makes it appear very natural. The nuanced base tobacco smell comes through nicely: I don't know if it's like Viking Brown because I have not tried it yet, but it's quite similar to a less fermented Viking Dark.
    I think this blend may in fact come very close to some historical spearmint blends, but this is just my intuition speaking too loud!
    Overall a very good snuff.
  • I never tried Peach, because I always think Dark is a perfect mixing snuff. I've tried it three parts VD to one part Toque Violet, or any of the perfumey F&T range, and it always works brilliantly. I probably would have chucked out the FT if I hadn't discovered this combination.
  • I gave Viking spear a bad review when it came out, It smelled exactly like the wash room deodorizer at Home Depot. Now I kinda like it for intense spearmint Dark ,medium moisture, semi gros grind.Sg don't do fruits well, the peach has a paraffin [think box of crayons] scent I just can't get past. I must had liked it as some point; I only have a little left. Haven't tried the menthol but I am sure it is just like SG menthol dark,Relabeled. Dark ,moist tobacco with a smoky undertone with just enough menthol.
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  • After reading these comments I've had the chance to try the Peach and Spear, not the Menthol. The Spear turned me off until it had a chance to breathe...hyperventilate is more like it. After that it was tolerable but still had an artificial scent I can't get past.

    The Peach showed more promise at first, but soon devolved into that same artificial scent that leaves me unsatisfied.

    I'll stay with their plain snuffs, which are very good IMHO.
  • edited December 2014 PM
    I am no fan of fruit snuffs, so I haven't tried the peach and to be honest probably won't.

    I'm sure that your noses are far more up to the task than mine @chefdaniel‌ and @basement_shaman‌, so it might be because I'm so new (relatively) at this, but I don't get any chemistry set smells or artificiality when I use spear. Everyone's nose is different though. I certainly agree about the quality of the viking plain snuffs, superb.

    I just popped my first can of thor's hammer and it is amazing. A lttlie lighter than Dark and sweeter. I'm not getting the Termaline scent I get from dark though, which is my favorite part, it reminds me of working on the periscopes. But, it has a good autum, burning leaves/damp soil vibe.
  • @‌ SandwichIsles Sounds like a bubblehead to me. Submariner? I can tell you some stories about my uncle and the USS Barb if you're interested.

    Thor's Hammer has found a way into my regular rotation, but won't take the place of Dark anytime soon. The Spear is getting better with each deep breath it takes. I think there might be some chemicals in there that are more for preservation and inhibiting mold/fungus that put my nose off a bit. Peach is also benefiting from some breathing. They won't replace any other snuffs but have earned a spot in my "in the mood" snuff collection. Deep down I'm a plain, unscented snuff fan and indulge the others as the mood hits me.
  • I love the peach, it is Actually the first viking I bought. But I would have to say the peach scent seems alittle fake smelling but it dosent stop me!
  • edited January 2015 PM
    @chefdaniel‌ a bubblehead and proud of it. Submarines do it deeper. Got a medical retirement, and miss it every day (even though I'm glad for the time I have for my family now).

    I think there may be some preservative smell to the spear at first, but it airs out in the snuff box. I'm a plain snuff man at heart too, and I think that's actually why I like the spear. Just enough subtle spearmint at the beginning and then a nice plain kendal finish. Thor's Hammer has definitely landed itself as a regular for me as well, I think it might actually be surpassing Dark.
  • @SandwhichIsles‌ It does have a Kendal finish that I enjoy. The Dark will continue to be my favorite Viking. It reminds me of SG Black Coffee without the coffee.

    My Uncle James (Jim) Richard was one of the eight sailors that went ashore in Japan from the Barb and blew up a train. Typical Cajun. Crazier than a sh*t House rat.
  • @chefdaniel‌ I was going to ask if he was on that patrol. USS Barb, the only sub to sink a train. Quite an awesome bit of naval history in your family there. My great-uncle Leslie was aboard the Indianapolis when they were sunk and is one of the survivors. When I enlisted he gave me the Indianapolis chief's quarters challenge coin and I've carried it as my challenge coin ever since.
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    Had to dive for Wikipedia to find out what a challenge coin was. What a remarkable bit of history to be able to carry, @SandwhichIsles
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • I'm lucky enough to have three Vikings now (in order of acquisition): Brown, Blonde and Thor's Hammer

    The Brown is a great example of plain snuff for me. More coarse and moist than WoS Plain, but that gives me drip so I don't partake too often.

    The Blonde came with the greatest amount of ammonia I've ever found in a tin. I dont want to completely dry it out so it still has ammonia, but that's after a week strait of airing it for an hour each day. Seems a finer grind than the rest of the Vikings but that could be its lower moisture content. Strong feel in the nose and nice tobacco aroma even with all the ammonia.

    The Thor's Hammer is newest to me but gets a pinching every time I pass the snuff closet. Even bolder nose feel than the Blonde - makes my nose tingle! Rich leathery tobacco aromas, low ammonia, moist but not too wet, and well sifted (almost no chunks/snuff balls). The aroma matures in my nose, with sweetness and an almost rootbeer aroma coming forward. This one makes me sneeze but not as much moisture in the nose as Brown.
  • Viking Dark is my favorite snuff. I posted on here a few months back about there being a change, a spearmint undertone, but after a recent purchase it seems to be back to the old recipe :)
  • vmank1qvmank1q Member
    edited December 2018 PM
    I don't like the drip with the viking brown's a gritty type drip that's quite gross. The snuff is pretty good though..
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Has anybody tried Viking Spear lately? The reviews run from terrible to top-notch...
  • Falling back in love with Viking Thor's Hammer. Not that I ever disliked it, but it got lost in the shuffle and I rediscovered it this morning.

    Heavy complex tobacco aroma. Great fluffy medium-coarse grind. And much oomph - makes me tingle
  • Thumbs up for Thor's hammer. Not an everyday for me as it gives me terrible drip but if home alone and it's not an issue then really enjoy the taste. I think there are better peach snuffs out there but the Viking base makes it a nice change. Not a fan of spear at all.
  • edited September 2019 PM
    Currently using Viking blonde as a base for mixing.  Goes pretty nicely with Begum Green, and fantastically with chocolicious and coffee kick.  Nicotine and flavor profile are both low-key enough to let the character of the other snuffs clearly shine. 

    My question is, would anyone recommend Viking Brown or Dark for these purposes?  When I'm out of Blonde I'll buy more of that or one of those if it fits the bill. 
  • @haveawhiffonme I would imagine the dark to mix well with earthy fragrances, pine, patchouli, vanilla, juniper, etc. I've mixed the dark with pine and clove oil successfully.
  • VB is great

    VD is not so much my taste... too leathery.

    VP is a good fruit snuff - I like it.

    V ISS - is a surprinsingly nice menthol snuff.

    V TH is a little odd - every tin tastes different

    V Blonde is a nice lighter brown plain snuff
  • Sorry for writtung so shortly-tied, but the forum tends to swallow my written words. And editing is not that easy. At least it doesn
  • I'm a fan.

    I found Dark first, followed by Brown then Thor's Hammer. I'll try very hard to be without some of all 3!
  • Viking Brown is the only snuff from them I have bought in bulk. I take it plain and also mix in spearmint essence, vanilla, and sometimes mint. It's my favorite plain coarse snuff.

  • I enjoy Viking Dark and Thor's Hammer but found the Brown to be not as much to my liking.

  • Thors hammer was one of the snuffs that helped me quit smoking two years ago, but now i have little interest in it, i guess my tastes have changed.  Viking Blonde, on the other hand, is wonderful tasty stuff.
  • Is the drip on Viking Blonde less intense than Dark? Dark tends to bother my stomach a bit...
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