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Sir Walter Scott snuffs back in stockSnuv: Herbal Range

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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Sir Walter Scott snuff.

R25R25 Member
I'm about to put a order into Mr Snuff and I came across the Sir Walter Scott snuff and I'm tempted to buy some but I'm wondering if it's worth the premium price tag.

I was thinking of getting 15g of

Creme De Figue
Havana Toast
Lundy Foot
Auld Alliance

Are they good/bad worth it.


  • As I'm sure more people on this forum than you can shake a spoon full of any of the snuffs list at will agree; Johnny's snuffs are excellent and totally worth paying a little bit extra to have in your collection. To me personally, these are the archetypes of fine handmade, artisan snuff of yesteryear. You won't be disappointed in this selection; all amazing quality snuffs :-)
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited May 2014 PM
    I've only tried Fields of Juniper and Lundy Foot, both of which are fantastic. I haven't tried the Havana Toast yet, it's on the way. But I'd just say that maybe choose one of Havana Toast and Lundy Foot, because they seem to be quite similar. Unless you're really into the idea of plain toasts, perhaps replace one of those two with something else in the range. But if you stick with your current order, I doubt you'll be disappointed. I'm hoping to try the full range over the next few months, I expect it will be worth the investment.

    Moro Moro is number one on my current bucket list, but I just feel the need for a coarse, moist snuff in my collection.
  • What price deliciousness?

    Definitely get some to try.

    Abraxas Cafe 11 is also pretty much an essential to experience and I would say FireDrac or Fields of Juniper for less burn.
  • For me, I like Field of Junipers for occasional use, but the rest that I've tried give me a horrendously acrid throat drip, which is a real shame as the scents are gorgeous. There are however many people on here that totally adore most if not all of the SWS range.

    All snuff is worth trying. Whether they work for you or not will only be revealed once you've worked your way through a few grams.
  • Even the most expensive snuffs are an affordable luxury, at least occasionally, if you live above the poverty line. For me, most of the Abraxas and SWS range that I've tried are the type of snuffs I prefer to take occasionally anyway. I admit I could use Lundy Foot all day everyday, but not Fields of Juniper or Cafe11 or Premium Club Fine. For me, they are superb snuffs best taken when you have time to luxuriate in them.

    Hmm, I must admit, I think I could get used to Firedrac as an all day snuff, too.
  • I've only tried the Mull of Oa so far, and yes, the price did scare me away for awhile. While it may be a bit much to be a daily snuffer, it's an amazing snuff.

    I think you'd find you'd snuff it less anyways because the flavor lasts and is so wonderful.

    But I'm a Scotch drinker.
  • You take what you pay, here the rule is very clear, i prefer the quality or the quantity? the experience of a pinch or the greed of the quantity? simple questions, simple answers, simple determinations. @number_seven go for Lundy foot & Havana toast and you will not regret it...
  • I'm definitely going to expand on the Scotts, but I'm not really into toasts. Yet.

    Agreed on quality over quantity.

    And Mull of Oa IS quality.
  • His Snuff is soooo good! It will kick you on your ass too. Oh I mean arse. Mull of Oa is my fave so far. I've tried 4.
  • R25R25 Member
    I settled on Lundy Foot which is nice, Creme De Figue which reminds me of some old fish bait but is still nice and fields of Juniper which goes great with a martini.
  • My latest Creme de Figue was kind of sour smelling in the begining and then it went totally amonia after a month or two. I discovered that I had to take some and leave it to air overnight and miraculously the amonia dissapeared leaving a really nice figue flavour. I mentioned it to Johnny and he said it was strange no-one else had said anything but it sounds like you have something similar. My previous jar had no sourness or amonia at all but this latest jar when properly aired is really great.
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    I use creme de figue daily, for me to use the same thing day in day out without fail means it's good!
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    edited August 2018 PM
    Does anybody besides Mr. Snuff sell Sir Walter Scott's? In other words, does anybody sell Sir Walter Scott's? 
  • This is the only other place that I know of
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    Two more new snuffs on stock at MS/SS:
    Navigator (Cavendish/Virginia Lemon) and Fifty Fifty (Bright Virginia/Perique).

    Tears of Chios is back on stock as well.
  • Havana toast and lundy foot are really differents in scent. Each sws snuff is a different experience. Auld alliance makes me have nice dreams. Latakia blend is a kind of experience too kind of sedative thing. Havana is a real cigar taste i would eat it lol but it tends to give me headaches very quick if i take too much i don t know why.
  • Mull of oa is the first i tried and it s coarse but it s liking being on a pirate boat in the 17th century very traveling scent.
  • I have aged border rape too very sedative and too strong for me.
  • I have tried a few of them. SJP and GH were both too subtle for me. However GH blends well with the Lat Blend. Two others needed a few hours to 'wake up'. FRP fresh was akin to a muted sweet paprika and LF fresh was akin to a natural toast. After some time both became highly flavoursome!
  • Has anyone tried the two new ones, Tears of Chios & Navigator?
  • @tinhuey the Tears are great, planning to order Navigator and the other new one this weekend
  • Thanks @ar47 I will be placing a MrSnuff order soon.
  • @tinhuey or anyone interested here's a little infoand an article on Mastic gum, what Tears of Chios is scented/flavored with. I've successfully used it for stomach ailments many times.
  • The new snuffs, Tears of Chios, 50/50 and The Navigator now re-stocked on MrSnuff.

  • MrSnuff just re-stocked again
  • @Johnny Any plans to offer the three newer varieties in 50 gram sizes? Thanks!
  • Just got a tub of the Latakia Blend. This stuff is great.

  • Rodalacket - yes of course. I will include 50gm tins in the next MrSnuff order.
  • edited November 2019 PM
    I previously ordered the Aged Border Rapee which was not for me, perhaps I would of grown to like it but unfortunately the canister was literally washed out to sea. Anyway, many of the other blends sound really intriguing. Are most not as coarse as the Rapee? Does the Tears of Chios retain some stickiness from the resin? I have tried booza, the very old Syrian ice cream recipe of which Chios is a key component.
  • I'd just like to share that I believe Sir @Johnny 's creations are the zenith of the art of the artisan snuffs made today.

    My favorite are: Saint James Parish blend, Golden Horn, Anson Imperial and Havana Toast. But I've had them all and never had one that I didn't adore. For example I typically avoid smokey snuffs because I feel they impair my nose, but with SWS 1) his toast Havana Toast I find doesn't have this effect and 2) Latakia blend is so spectacular that I couldn't be concerned about anything else at the time [-O<
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