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Vegetable Glycerin

As I sit here pondering the mysteries of the universe, black holes, quarks, Stephen Hawking and the space-time continuum I started wondering.

What would vegetable glycerin do to a nasal snuff?


  • IggletIgglet Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    Interesting question. I remember one of the vapor users mentioning that they flavored snuff with their e juice which some have the vegetable glycerin in them.
  • How is vegetable glycerin different from any other? (Or is there even another source) How is it sourced? Does it have a shorter shelf life? I don't have a clue?
  • These days it is a bit redundant. Not long ago there were synthetic versions but with biodiesel being more prolific the glycerol byproduct is more abundant and dirt cheap. It's an alcohol in the same way that propylene glycol is, and acts as a solvent, humectant and sweetener; it really loves water. Add 3 amino acids and you have....triglycerides.
  • I think it's an ingredient in some Poschl and Bernard snuff iirc.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2020 PM
    Only a tad above 0.5% in Radford, the one which comes in a tap box, and slightly over 0.02% in Ozona R and Jubilaums. For comparison, loose snus contains approximately 3%. Bernard snuffs are glycerol-free.

    It acts as a humectant, a consistency (texture) stabilizer and a preservative. Glycerol has a sweet taste.
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