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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's your favourite Toque?

All things considered the one I would not be without is Lime Toast. Easy to take for a toast, the lime gives way to a lovely toasted tobacco. It's also not as high in N imo as Natural Toast which is one I could not take all day. My tolerance is not up there so to speak.


  • I just received it today but I agree with you @Franknsnuff‌. The lime toast
    is great. I was so surprised at how much easier it is to take than the scotch
    I started with. That goes for all the toque I've tried today.
  • FranknsnuffFranknsnuff Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    Nice one, I'm glad you like them. They're based in Berwick-Upon-Tweed. I worked up there for a while in the 1990's, on Lindisfarne Island as a nature reserve warden. I have fond memories of the place. It was during the 98 football world cup. Half the town's pubs had English Flags flying outside, the rest Scottish. Suffice to say it's right on the border.
  • Koba22Koba22 Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    I've tried most of Toques offerings and I would have to go with either Camphor and Clove or SP Extra. I love the slightly coarser grind of the C&C, if Extra had that grind it would win hands down.

    Edit: Spelling
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited July 2014 PM
    Same as @Koba22 except I wish C&C had the grind and base of SP Extra, in fact I had some made that way and it's awesome! I call it Camphor & Clove Extra
  • I like most of them, I re order Spanish Gem and Whisky and Honey and SP Extra
  • I think that Toque do the best flavoured snuffs (not perfumed or floral mind! ;-) ) I'd have to say Spanish Gem or Almond/Lime Toasts are the top of the Toques for me :-)
  • SkeGSkeG Member
    I've only tried some six of them, but so far the Ginger is my favorite. It really feels like having a piece of ginger in my nose. :)
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Dunno, never tried a toque, but clove and camphor, blueberry menthol or whatever is on my list to try. Just the name makes me drool.

  • I prefer Berwick Brown overall.
  • Toque USA Lime. I like the base flour and it has just the right amount of moisture for me. The flavor is of lime, lots of lime, and I know this may sound odd, but at times it also seems to have a backup of urinal cake, that for some reason just works for me. And for a Toque, the aroma is very long lasting.
  • No Toque in my collection yet. There are just some snuffs out there that don't attrackt me. This brand is one of them.
  • Quit
    Spanish Gem
    SP Extra
  • Spanish Gem, Whisky & Honey, Xmas Pudding, SP Extra.
  • Spanish Gem, Whisky & Honey, Xmas Pudding, SP Extra.
    Yep, they're good. Not tried the SP, but its going on the list.

  • Pomegranate is the best for me , followed shortly after by Apricot and Quit. However I´ve only tried half of their entire range...
  • Also Peach is just damn delicious =P~
  • Until Roderick comes 'round with Liver & Onions to match up Cheese & Bacon, I'll go with Spanish Gem, St. Clements and my #1 is Natural Toast. I've yet to have a bad Toque, they are all very good and well crafted from good tobacco. Some suit for different times, but I have them all in 50 ml mini bottles all over the house. Love the One You're With.
  • willcwillc Member
    It is hard for me to pick a favorite Toque snuff.
    ATM the USA W&H, Natural Toast, Spanish Gem, and Camphor& Clove are in the heavy rotation.

    The new USA line is outstanding!
    Plus the Rustica has become a staple for mixing.
    The other limited edition that I loved was the Pumpkin Pie.

    Really out of all the Toque snuffs there are only two that I won't buy again, Cheese and Bacon and Absinthe.
    They are just a bit too much flavor wise and not to my taste.

    I guess at this very moment I could say that the USA Whiskey and Honey is my favorite but some other may fill that spot tomorrow.
    For any new snuffers I think Spanish Gem, Quit, Natural Toast, and SP Extra are the must tries though.
  • fredhfredh Member
    You asked so here we go...

    Spanish Gem
    USA Whiskey & Honey
    USA Black Cherry
    Berwick Brown

    And I like many more but those are my favorites.
  • SkeGSkeG Member
    Is there a difference between USA Whiskey and Honey and Whiskey and Honey? There doesn't seem to be on Mr. Snuff webpage... Just wondering
  • willcwillc Member
    Is there a difference between USA Whiskey and Honey and Whiskey and Honey? There doesn't seem to be on Mr. Snuff webpage... Just wondering
    The USA version had Rustica in it and the flavoring is a bit different too. It seems a little sweeter to me.
  • SkeGSkeG Member
    Thanks @willc. My non-USA Whiskey and Honey is not sweet at all and I am wondering where the honey comes from :)
  • willcwillc Member
    @SkeG I get a little sweetness from the original W&H and I think it is great in its own right.
    The USA one though has a really pronounced honey flavor especially when the tin is first opened.
    I noticed that if I leave it in my snuff box for a couple days it mellows into something very special and it turns a good bit darker in shade too.

  • SkeGSkeG Member
    The USA version seems to climb higher in this thread. Have to test it in some uncertain future then.
  • @SkeG I agree, I will order a few of the USA versions, so what's the main difference in the USA vs non USA versions anyway ?
  • My Toque favorites that I've had thus far in no particular order:

    Christmas Pudding
    Spanish Gem

    Camphor & Clove is a close runner up to the above.
  • So far I've never met a toque I didn't like, I'm taking it as a personal mission to work my way through their line of snuffs.
  • NosemudNosemud Unconfirmed
    Spanish Gem(no small feat as I don't care for scented snuffs much) followed by Natural Toast and Quit.
  • IvanIvan Member
    UK: Whiskey & Honey
    USA: Kentucky Bourbon
    UK: Grapefruit
    UK: Cheese & Bacon
    UK: Almond Toast
  • Spanish gem, by a long way. I am very partial to the Christmas pudding, as well; I've been meaning to get it in bulk, along with a few others that I haven't tried.
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