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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's Snuff Like?

What kind of feeling do you get when you take snuff? Is it like the nicotine in a cig? I quit smoking cigs ahwile ago (its been at least 5 years) and I smoke pipes on occasion. Is it going to make me dizzy or what? I would like to try it, just curious. I found out my Grandmother was a snuffer, I asked my Dad recently if that jar in the cupboard at Grandmas house was snuff.. he said yes it was her "relaxation powder.." I like how the pipe tobacco relaxes me.. wondering if the snuff will be the same...


  • If you smoke anything but the lightest pipe tobacco, the nicotine in snuff won't knock you out. At the same time, if you aren't a hard core addict, you'll definitely find it satisfies nicotine cravings and more once you learn how to use it.

    Buy a tin and try for yourself. Toque Quit is as good a place to start as any if you want a reasonable nicotine load.
  • @paN1k As they say, YMMV, but in my experience I don't get the nicotine hit from snuff that I did from inhaling tobacco smoke. The experience should be much closer to pipe than cigarette. (If you want serious head spin from smokeless tobacco, try snus!)
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited September 2014 PM
    I don't get a nicotine kick at all...

    For me, the biggest plus is snuff's decongestant qualities.

    I had blocked eustacian tubes for MONTHS!
    Prescription meds didn't help, but snuff unblocked them within 36 hours!
    My ear, nose and throat specialist said that since snuff worked so well for me and since there were no drug interactions with other medications, I should continue using snuff.

    I couldn't get him to go as far as giving me a prescription for snuff but he gave me a very positive "under the table" therapeutic recommendation.
  • Funny how experiences differ. I have found the impact of snuff to be far more satisfying than a cigarette/pipe/cigar. Snuff's effect on me is gentle. Rather than the immediate nicotine of an inhaled cigarette, snuff is definitely more gradual; that said, my body rather quickly adjusted to accepting snuff as its preferred method of nicotine delivery and I now find cigarettes to be quite unsatisfying. If I over do it and sniff too much, my body is definitely unhappy with me. And it smells nice.
  • @howdydave‌, do you mainly do mentholated snuff?
  • @paN1k - Snuff is like a fine brown to blackish powder thats made from pulverised tobacco leaves, sometimes with scents added; hope that hels to explain it :))
  • It's like tobacco in your nose :))
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited September 2014 PM
    @howdydave‌, do you mainly do mentholated snuff?
    Sort of...

    For the longest time I used Poschl President.
    Now I use 6 Photo Kailash and Special.
    Special is a better decongestant but Kailash is my favorite.

    I was originally decongested with American Scotches: W.E. Garrett and Railroad.
    I then progressed through English snuffs, German snuffs and finally discovered Indian snuffs.
  • Thanks guys. I'll give it a try soon.
  • It is The Key to a world of awe and wonder, a window to bliss and peace, it will solve all of your problems and even wash your clothes! It is simply Amazing!!!
  • Well then.. what am I waiting for..! also what's a good amount to try on my first run?
  • If you are already a tobacco user take big pinches, as much as you can hold between your fingers, one in each nostril and repeat as desired. Have a hanky available for the ensuing runny nose.

    For me the Nic buzz is mild but stimulating, but I have had friends that don't use tobacco catch the spins and nausea after sharing a couple pinches, everybody is different and tolerance varies. Some snuffs can be quite strong, like American scotches, some Indian snuffs. Those might be better triied later, unless you like a good strong tobacco trip while on the edge of puking, most people don't though, and that doesn't happen to everyone.
  • I would suggest you try a fruit flavor maybe a mc crystal apricot or rasberry best way to describe the feeling is candy for your nose as is music is to your ears.Pure enjoyment if done with restraint.Start off by taking a little pinch and roll the snuff up to your nose through your finger tips and sniff the snuff as you would a delicate flower just so it enters the nasal airway -try not to sniff it to hard and a little goes a long ways. If you dont like it blow your nose into a napkin. It shouldnt make you dizzy .I wouldnt recommend a menthol iffused snuff for your first snuff or sniff,because there is usaully a slight burn after snuffing them although they do open up your nasal passage ways but everything comes in good time.I personally love the methols too although wouldnt reccomend for first time use.things to keep in mind however fruit flavors are usaully a relaxing feeling, methols are mostly a stimulating feeling but dont get me wrong the fruit flavours can have a little kick to them if your snuffing a large amount.-these are just some tips and my opinions happy snuffing -snuff has helped me almost quit smoking cigarettes -thank you snuff gods but use at your own risk...
  • eblipeblip Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    For me snuff is not a big hit of nicotine and i use strongish snuffs, bordeaux, kb special, princes, tom buck.
    each snuff affects me differently ..the sp type snuffs (tom buck, best sp) they can have a burn but its a fast scent of bergamot, and burn and it kind of wakes me up. but i can be looking for a nother hit immediately after. so sp snuffs are good wakeup snuffs.a pleasurable waking up snuff

    the darker snuffs, they are more satisfying, and when i take them i dont necessarily think about more snuff immediately. so they are slower release and kind of relax me in a way that cigarettes do.
    these are my favorite type of snuffs .(bordeaux, kb special, princes). the darker snuffs are beautifully aromatic if you choose and hit the nicotine spot and make you relax. a pleasureable  relaxin g snuff

    then there are other snuffs like high dry toast, now these smell delicious and i sometimes even lick my fingers afterwards, but i dont get any type of hit off them really...not like the dark snuffs. but the high dry toast is great with a cup of coffee. a pleasurable tasty snuff.

    so snuff is a bit like smoking, in that you get a certain satisfaction, but the hit is not as good as smoking.
    but it is more pleasant and enjoyable and cleaner (apart from the hankerchief)

    another thing, with smoking you get your hits and eventually you feel like you are just puffing on cigarettes and zero satisfaction....but with snuff i ALWAYS get some form of satisfaction , even if it is just the scent and a bit of relaxation.

    another thing, you are still addicted to nicotine when snuffing, but long breaks dont bring on the same  level of panic that long breaks without a cigarette bring.

    so snuff is like always pleasurable and lovely nicotine habbit.
  • I've heard it described as a "quickening" feeling, which is the best way to put it. It's an extremely quick, refreshing, and almost tingly sensation. With certain snuffs, the sensation is so bold that you can't help but pause your breathing for a second while it works it's magic.
  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    It's definitely distinct different from the feeling of smoking or dipping.

    It's sort of like having dirty glasses and wiping them clean and being able to see well, but in your mind. Or like in NASCAR when a car gets all beat up and goes for a pit stop. There's a sense of alertness and the stream of consciousness moves quicker. The little annoyances of the day get put into a new perspective and seem less serious and easier to tackle. 

    Sometimes I'll get a true rush, like if I take big pinches of white immediately on waking up. My body will buzz and I'll feel a dizzy.

    If I get a strong hit I will sweat, sometimes I feel physically restless. Sometimes it tips over the edge into actual anxiety like you can get from caffeine.

    It really clears the brain, though. I read Latin as a hobby and when I come on a line that I can't figure out a pinch of snuff very often clears it up.

    Smoking and dipping IME are much more sedating and "narcotic".

    There is also some variation among different kinds of snuff. As others have noted darker, coarser snuffs are less stimulating and "heavier" feeling. The drier and finer the snuff, the more stimulating it is. And many snuffs are so mild I hardly feel anything from them.
  • @horus92 Excellent write-up, and well worth resurrecting the thread.
  • @horus92 - Seconded: interesting concepts very eloquently put 
  • You know what? Snuff is different for all of us. Aside from nicotine there a number of pleasant sensations. I think everyone is a little different in their perception of scent and tastes.
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