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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Book review: Das Taschenbuch vom Schnupftabak

AlexAlex Member
edited April 2012 in Snuff House Library
Titel: Das Taschenbuch vom Schnupftabak
Author: Klaus D. Hartel
Language: German
First published: 1980
ISBN: 3453410289
I paid: €2.95

'Das Taschenbuch vom Schnupftabak' by Klaus D. Hartel is one of the best German books on snuff, especially for the beginner. This paperback offers detailed information about the history of tobacco and snuff without being boring. Telling the facts, the author includes some nice little stories to keep the tension. After the introduction, the book explains traditional and new methods of producing snuff. It classifies the different snuff types such as black ones, green ones, snuff and Schmalzler. One chapter summarises the history of snuff boxes and bottles with some drawings. At the end of the book the amount of sold snuff in different countries is listed. Even though some informations might be outdated, this book serves as a humorous but serious introduction into the world of snuff.
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