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red bull, 2 varieties?

betonentebetonente Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
according to daft (probably the best german tobacco website..?) there are two varieties of red bull. one is "aromatic" (which is still sold in germany), the other is "strong" (apparently not sold in germany).

i can absolutely second the description as "fruit snuff" i read somewhere here, but i do not really understand a few other comments on this snuff. i am confused: which variety is everyone talking about and where is which variety sold?

(matters might be even more complicated as the "chief bull" version for the us seems to be different too. so there are three varieties..?)

any comments on that highly appreciated. thank you!


  • RoamRoam Member
    Which site is it?
    (in german)
  • RoamRoam Member
    Deutsch ist kein problem für mich. ;)
  • bobbob Member
    chief bull is awesome in a kind of crappy way in my opinion. I don't get it. I really like the scent even though I can't call it quality.
  • would be very interested in trying the chief bull, sounds interesting.
  • I just obtained some Red Bull. Mine doesn't seem 'fruity' at all, just strong menthol with a hint of sweetness afterwards. I didn't care at all for Chief Bull. The taste was strange and very lingering. I do like the Red tho, one of my favorite Poschl snuffs so far. For some odd reason, Poschl refuses to distribute the Red Bull to US vendors so I'm forced to buy it from European web sites.
  • I buy mine from Snusory, in Germany. Its the "aromatic" kind, in a tin foil pouch. I've never tried the other types, but I like the kind I get. Yeah, its a little bit fruity, but the menthol is strong, and unlike other threads I've read, never clogs me up. In fact, as I write this, I'm dumping out little boxcars of it on my thumbnail and hoovering it up. Gonna do another blast now.
  • It says "Red Bull Strong Snuff" on the tap box I have. I only get eucalyptus from it, it's very strong and I only use it.occasionally, mostly when my nose is clogged.
  • I apologize for resurrecting a dead thread, but, has anyone figured out whether there is a difference between the Red Bull Extra in the 7 gm. tapbox and the Red Bull ("A-Type") in the 10 gm. sachet?  I tried both, but, the heavy menthol found in both obscured their potential subtleties (at least in my nose). 
  • @thatshyched, two different recipes. Red Bull Aromatic (A-type) is what its name says. Also, it's much milder snuff (potency and burn-wise) than the one in the tap box.
  • I have both, but in my opinion they are two completely different snuffs. I prefer sachet A-Type version. Its milder in menthol and have interesting fruity scents going on.
    The tapbox red bull is probably the only snuff that cloggs me up sooo bad, but I like it, occasionally.
  • I have both as well. The Redbull in the Red tapbox is pretty much just heavy menthol with some supporting notes. The one in the foil packet has a fruity menthol scent. Both are excellent snuffs and recommend them both, but if you are looking for a good fruity Poschl snuff check out Karibik Prise it is one of my favorite snuffs and a well kept secret (until now;)
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