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Is NTSU Black really stronger than TAXI Red?

Most people who write about snuff always seem to say that NTSU Black is stronger than TAXI Red. Well I disagree, NTSU has a very big blast of ammonia, even more than TAXI Red and I believe this is what people are picking up on. However when it come to nicotine TAXI Red hits harder.

Try them an hour apart as see what I mean.


  • eblipeblip Member
    I normally only use NTSU black, but there has been a drought and the only other snuff i really like is taxi red.
    Thing is NTSU black is definitely stronger than Taxi red.
    that said Taxi red is still strong enough, and i am quite taking to it as it is a little more subtle and less harsh than NTSU black...and i am having a more pleasant experience using it as my all day snuff.
    At first i was missing my NTSU black ..
    but taxi red has more pleasant flavour also...
    I am now happy to use either , whereas before i only wanted NTSU was either NTSU black or nothing could measure up...but now taxi red is actually measuring up.
    like i say, a little less strong, but still a great hit and an awesome flavour in the back drip.
  • @eblip, you need to try Icelandic ATVR neftobak someday. The one in the 45 g plastic horn. If you happen to visit Iceland, definitely look for it. Or ask your travelling acquaintances to procure some for you. Best place to buy is Keflavik Airport duty free shop.

    As for NTSU and Taxi, I like them both, but prefer Taxi to NTSU (Taxi releases nicotine slower). Unfortunately, I got dried out Taxi two times in a row, and stopped buying it. It's good only when it's fresh.

  • eblipeblip Member
    Yes @volunge i got a big stock of taxi red...and it was all pretty freshh...24 tubs of the 25 gram tins....i just put them in a big jar immediately and seal with sellotape... that lot should last me a couple of months...
    the last batch of ntsu i bought was drying ..not completely but it was drying a little...but putting it all together in a tub kind of evens out any moisture left and so it was good...
    I will certainly try the ATVR if me or one of my friends goes to iceland.

    What you said about taxi, could well be true...its bloody good stuff. These south africans sure know how to make a decent snuff.
  • I think they still use Swedish tek. Taxi brand was owned by Swedish Match, which is famous for stringent standards.
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