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Samuel Gawith - Elmo's Reserve

didi878didi878 Member
edited April 2013 in Types of Snuff
I have got Samuel Gawith - Elmo's Reserve today. Its a sweetish, pretty strong - very dark
and fluffy tobacoo with a very nice aroma. A very interesting new creation, i would rate
it 5/5.. Definitive my favourite SG snuff now.


  • I must get some.
  • khalidkhalid Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    "A coarse snuff, dark brown and moist with added aromatic Tonquin bean to give strength and flavour (Mysmokingshop)."

    Sounds good.
  • Damn, yet another snuff I just have to try
  • It's so wonderful. I cannot resist to take another pinch of it.
  • I'm waiting till the holiday postal dust has settled to order, but yes, this one sounds really good to me!
  • Going to pick up a few tins with my next order.
  • barredbennybarredbenny Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    I love this snuff. Dark strong base tobacco with all the tonquin notes of almond and vanilla. Sweet but also hearty because of the lakeland base. I wonder if I can get a bulk can of this from somewhere. 
  • WIth a nose like that, he must go through barrels of the stuff:
  • I love the stuff...........Thank you dave.

    p.s. I would order dave but I am financialy embarressed at the moment.

  • are most welcome. Thank you for your efforts and follow through. Outstanding job.
  • I wasn't very close to vanilla only in snuff,but by tonka beens It's changing.

    Great reserve.

  • same here.  i love it!
  • Must convince the black swan to stock it.
  • @barredbenny just had a chat with Kris at the black swan shoppe here in Scarborough, he said he'd be able to order it in bulk for anyone, he's thinking of stocking the 25g tins too. he said to drop him an email.

  • Sounds very good, going to have to place an order soon and add this to it. I seem to favor SG snuffs for some reason anyway. Just lucky I guess.
  • Just received this in my recent shipment from Mr. Snuff. I can attest that this is in my top 3 non-mentholated snuffs. I love this stuff. I get a strong moerish earthy scent, possibly grass outdoorsy smell? With a sweet hint of a scent I can't quite place. Definately 5/5 stars for this snuffer. Will be ordering more soon because I find myself going back to it over and over again.
  • I love Elmo's too. Rich and earthy sweet. I love it.
  • Not tried Elmo's. I love Black Rappee, Scotch Black and the various Kendal Browns SG do. How does Elmo's compare to those?
  • Not as dark, heavily scented with Tonquin. The scent is front and center and so well joined with the tobacco scent that it really doesn't compare to the snuffs you mentioned.
  • @snuffysnuff its one of those that you have to order and try to understand. Descriptions and thoughts just don't give you the full picture. I need to order another tin come to think of it.
  • @SnuffySnuff Elmo's is literally ground up 1792 Flake, if you love 1792 you'll love Elmo's
  • @SnuffySnuff @Mouse not exactly, one can smell something between Black Rappee and Scotch Black as a tobacco base.
  • SG Elmo's is tops... it's a daily for me... from here to eternity :)
  • IvanIvan Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    Sounds like the snuff equivalent of Cob/1792 Flake, oops I guess it IS Cob Flake :\">
  • I just got some Elmo's. Really wonderful stuff! Just yummy! Hard to describe the scent but it is delicious and the nicotine builds and builds.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @OleFactoryHugh how would you compare this and Spanish Gem? They sound similar to me, and I am a huge fan of the Gem.
  • periqueperique Member
    edited April 2015 PM
    If you enjoy a pipe Elmo's goes, IMHO, great with S. Gawith 1792 Flake.
  • Hitsuzen, I can't say because I haven't had Spanish Gem yet.
  • I have read that Spanish Gem is very close to Spanish Brandy which I do have and I don't think it is anything like Elmo's Reserve, completely different grind moisture and scent. The Spanish Brandy has something in common with Toque Chocolate with an added whiff of liquor, it is dry and medium fine in grind.
  • St Elmo's is quickly becoming one of my me it smells like a more complex cased Cavendish pipe tobacco.......the kind in the jars at the tobacco shop with names like "Captain Jack"........I guess it is the vanilla and dark tobacco at work.........however, unlike the counter pipe tobaccos it has an nice low end note and just a touch of smokiness and old leather mustiness which keep it from becoming too sweet or one dimensional.

    Love it 5/5 stars
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