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Ice Lemon (Non-Tobacco)

Uncle_SquintyUncle_Squinty Member
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
Snuff Type: Non-tobacco/dextrose base

Container: 5 gram lift-top round tin

Purchased from Mr. Snuff

While many participants here at disparage non-tobacco snuffs, many snuff users occasionally want aroma and the insuflation sensation without imbibing nicotine. Several sugar-based snuff analogs exist, but Wilson's of Sharrow's Lemon Ice is something a bit different from the menthol/mint varieties so prevalent in the non-tobacco market.

The first aroma that touches the nose is a very fresh, pronounced lemon. This isn't a Lemon Pledge (TM furniture polish scent; rather, it's a fresh lemon peel fragrance.

The "ice" is more a sensation than an aroma. An adequate but not overpowering menthol coolness follows the lemon fragrance.

Aromas do not persist very long in the nose. All traces of lemon disappear after only a few brief minutes, although the cooling sensation persists for up to ten minutes, depending upon how much one has imbibed.

As is the case with all the sugar snuffs I've tried, overdoing this snuff will lead to clogged sinuses and frequent nose-blowing, although the drip is more than pleasant.

If this snuff analog has one strong point, it's the very fresh, very natural lemon flavor. If you want to try a sugar snuff, I highly recommend this one.)


  • I will say this for you; we know a lot more about this stuff than we did last week:)
  • @ Snuffster You and I both. LOL Actually, my motives were pure but the results have been a bit disappointing so far. I think these sugar-sniffs have their place, but I think it's neither accurate nor reasonable to call them "snuffs." I have no regrets; at the price, these were worth a try.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    @Uncle_Squinty That's a great review, exactly the style and model we are looking for in the review section. I'll give everyone a few days to read the comments, then I'll delete them (mine included).

    Actually I now want to try this snuff based on your review!
  • DuggDugg Member
    At first I though it was a bit too lemon-cleaner scented but it grew on me. Back drip can be a bit unpleasant at times, but still overall not bad.  One thing though, a tin I had in a drawer in a rubbermaid container still appeared to be beginning to grow mold after a while in there. Maybe should have kept in the fridge.
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