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Interesting Article - Naswar

cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
edited September 2012 in Snuff House Library


  • I was reading that a month ago. I'm working on the classification of Indian snuffs and existance of a green naswar was something new to me. Maybe @sixphoto will tell us how the production of naswar and other Indian snuffs looks like?
  • Interesting reading! Snuff is indeed known as naswar in North India and Pakistan,But the texture and the usage of snuff is hugely different in both countries.In India snuff is used nasally as well as orally as a dentifrice.People rub snuff on their gums for same length of time as they would brush their teeth and then spit out.In pakistan,it is basically used as snus,kept under the lower lip.
    In India,people use khaini for this purpose.
  • Ok I see it now. Everyone is running to google trying to figure out where to get khaini.
  • I did have an occasion once to try out gutkha - when it comes to Indian oral tobacco.

    Vikas, so we shouldn't think about the green naswar as an enjoyment to the nose? Is there anyone in India doing this type of naswar? I thought that the black one was the only one.
  • I'm bumping this really old thread to ask if anyone has an idea of how I could acquire green, oral naswar. I've searched a lot but found no sources. I know this is pretty much a non existant product outside of its native area, but I'm sure there's a way somehow.
  • shalimarislshalimarisl Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    @ryan262 try making your own, take dried tobacco 70% wood ash 30% grind it wile addig water and a bit of powdered lime stone, should take around 15 mins. The color turns black when its prepared.
  • I spent 25 years among the Afghans and oral naswar is powerful stuff. Rarely it is made with opium, and a warning about that earned a friend giggles from a prominent Jalalabad mullah.
  • I have a few tins of snuff that are marked Naswar on the label. One is Horse Brand Joshi. I've never dipped it, but when snuffed, it is quite different than nasal snuff. It's fine ground, moist, and has a rather unusual scent. It is something I got a few years ago from the guy who was known as indiansnuff, who was trying to start his own website. I think he gave it up, as I never have seen him here again.
  • I tried that recipe above, peeled my lip. Be careful:)
  • We have finally made this product - the green Color naswar Afghans use.
    For Europe , we have tweaked it a bit and Noel it will soon be available at mr snuff under the brand name of Begum chhap tobacco
    Since Begum chhap snuff is also available at mr snuff you need to specifically mention Begum chhap tobacco while placing the order with them
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