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What side projects are you working on?

CrosCros Member
edited September 2012 in The Pub (Off Topic)
Since many of us enjoy the finer things in life and understand that great things come in small packages, I've decided to share a side project that I am personally working on and invite all y'all to do the same.


  • I just started my full restoration of my 73' Innocenti Austin Mini 1001...going to be alot of work since its been sitting for a dozen years, but it should have enough trunk space to hold a few tins of snuff
  • Besides recording my own songs on Garage Band using the drum machine for beats I'm also producing a buddy of mine that's a rapper. I'm not only his producer but his rap coach too. As a musician who has played in orchestra and jazz band in addition to fronting some rock n' roll groups, hip-hop is like a recreational sport.
  • @TomStrasbourg If you get snuff into a rap song, I will buy my first rap CD since "Licensed to Ill" came out!
  • Refinishing a wooden stock on a Mosin nagant M44 rifle, attempting to trail break one of my horses, and making a hanging wood cabinet for all my snuff. Oh and trying to fit more snuff reviews into my busyness!!
  • I breed high end Boa constrictors and Ball Pythons so my hands are full with watching incubators and getting hatched or birthed baby snakes to eat. Right now I have 103 little mouths to feed and getting bit 10 times that in the process.
  • I've got a lighted wood/glass display case that I need to sand and refinish and replace some glass, add shelves, etc. Going to be used for my pipes, snuff boxes, and tobacco paraphernalia.

    Got a Hardcastle estate pipe on the way I'm gonna try my hand at restoring.

    About 2,000 sq ft of insulation in my basement that needs to be installed.

    Need to repaint my kitchen after a small(ish) grease fire...

    The list really is endless...
  • Need to trim the orchard, shrubs, plant garlic ,carrots,parsnips. separate and replant bulbs. and get rid of junk in the yard. put a chimney threw the roof ,hook up a wood burning stove. and that all on the list for this month. next month's list is loaded also.Indoor stuff fresh paint ,hardwood floors. new tub and shower, tile. November get started remodeling a different part of the house; convert into an apartment for rent with separate utility's and entrance. Will it all get done I doubt it but it a start.Oh the junk in the yard; a six wheeler I wanted to restore 20 years ago tra la la ladi la la 1 banana 2 banana 3 banana 4
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • 5 Bananas make a bunch and so do many more
  • always something.... today I'm cooking down a large batch of apple butter, getting familiar with my new android tablet, and sighting in a crossbow.
  • @BigDaddySnuff what Ball morphs do you breed?
  • @n9inchnails right now I've got killer bees, champagnes, mojaves,clowns, a clutch of caramel albinos, and your typical spiders, pastels, pinstripes, normals that are 66% hets and 100% hets. Have a gravid ghost (phantom) that I'm waiting on. Plus a really nice bloody salmon boa that I should get some super salmons from.
  • @BigDaddySnuff reminds me of the Far Side cartoon where Dave, the zoo's reptile guy, finally succombs to a terminal case of the heebie-jeebies!
  • @Cros LOL..Snakes are great. I have been keeping reptiles for 30 years. It's one of those passions that has a "creep" factor.
  • @BigDaddySnuff me and snakes have an agreement, I dont bother them in the wild and they don't get their heads taken off with a shovel if they stay out of my garage.
  • BigDaddySnuffBigDaddySnuff Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    @Cros That's a good agreement. Most people don't think twice about killing snakes. I ask them if they would rather have one snake or 100 mice in their house. If you have snakes around your house they are there for a reason and that reason is food.
  • @BigDaddySnuff did you babysit your kids by dumping a big bucket of snakes in the yard?
  • @Cros No I babysit my snakes by dumping a big bucket of kids in my yard. Kids are high in protein.
  • edited September 2012 PM
    Just switched the broken alternator with a rebuilt . all shinny and new
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'm entering the Hawaii State Disc Golf Championships this weekend at Polipoli. I've been practicing all month so I hope not to come in last. I only started playing this year so I'll learn a few things that will come in handy.
  • I have an 82 trans am I put a beefy 350 in now I just need to redo the interior.
  • @distaind i love Trans Ams! I am putting in a 1270cc engine in my mini, up from 998cc, when i get done we should race! I get to choose the course though! can you fit through a 5 foot wide alley?
  • TomStrasbourgTomStrasbourg Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    @distaind can you fit through a 5 foot wide alley?
    Must not make joke.... resist...... resist.......... : l

  • @TomStrasbourg just let it rip!
  • THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!! (There goes my mask of maturity)
  • @TomStrasbourg its so small, it can fit without touching the a grower not a show'er? not helping my Mini's case at all, am I?
  • Lmao unless there is bushes in that alley I would probably have to bring some touch up paint. I didn't go to crazy with the engine. I added a few high performance parts. I was going to bore it out to a 383 stroker but times got a little tough. she still needs some work but it runs. I should probably start a savings account just for the gas
  • i wish mine would still run, its been in pieces for 10 years, was a daily driver before that, i started taking it apart but got deployed, then money and/or time became tight
  • I'm a photographer, and develop my film (color and black and white) in my basement. I'm going to be assembling a full service darkroom to make prints, so I can stop scanning my film.
  • Haven't touched my film cameras in years, still have a darkroom in the basement, I was a custom printer for Bachrach photographers in a former life and still miss the smell of the chemistry :-). Back in the day I would go through a 250 sheet box of Kodak Opal G 11x14 double weight paper in a couple of days, hands stained yellow from the developer, stoned out of my mind on hashish. Ah, the memories....
  • Just found an old camera among my deceased father's things that had not been looked at many years. I was thrilled to find an unfinished roll of film in there. So I took the last few pics (camera still works fine) and ran the film down to the developer. I'm pretty sure the film is from our family trip to Ireland in 1988!
    Can't wait to see what unfolds!
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