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Flick your Bic

edited October 2012 in Other Forms of Tobacco
Since the cooler weather is here ,I am going to start to carry my Zippo pipe lighter . But I had been using Bic lighters to fire up my pipe, The question at hand is how long does your Bic last ? I sharpie the date on mine and never got more than 20 days use.
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  • I have never(well almost) kept a Bic to death. Cheaper lighters yes, a Bic maybe once or twice. My Zippo rarely goes more than three days before refilling.
  • I really need to buy stock in Bic. I'm constantly sent to the store to pick up a handful. If I can keep one, mine last about 3 weeks, give-or-take. My wife, however, seems to go through lighters like underwear and ends up stealing mine.
  • Most of my bics lasted me about 3 months of constant use through a pack a day of cigs. I think y'alls are defective, lol.
  • dont use a zippo (although I have a couple) or bic, I use an imco angled flame and a refill last me about 3 months cuz I only smoke my pipe 2 or 3 times a week
  • Wow I never thought about it. When I was smoking there were Bic lighters everywhere. I had at least 2-3 lighters within reach no matter where I was. If I had to guess I would say with smoking a pack to a pack and a half a day I would get 2 months maybe a little less out of a lighter. I had this bad habit of buying cool looking lighters whenever I came across them. A gas station down the street has some really cool naked lady BICS that I have never seen before and they would get a new lady every month so I have a whole years worth of those. I have a whole collection of dragons, rock bands, zodiac signs, guns, Bic even had a series of The Big Lebowski lighters that I have. Man, I never realized I had a lighter addiction until now. I had an addiction within my addiction.
  • Though long dead, I still have my Ozzy and my KISS bic. They are sorely missed.
  • Those Djeep lighters last a long time.
  • To make a Zippo "last longer", apply a bit of Vaseline on the outside of the inner part (sounds a bit like sex!). This will seal the lighter and prevent fluid from evaporating. I do it all the time and can use my Zippo up to 5 days without refilling.
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