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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Anybody tried or heard of Tambo?

They've got a site @ -they're out of Indonesia and make what is-I believe- a traditional tobacco. It's in the rope family, matured for 5 years or so and is supposed to be quite strong. You buy it either cut or in a rather rock-hard roll, maybe 1 and a quarter inch thick and maybe 4 or 5 inches long. Since it's so hard, one steams it for a while before cutting into discs. The guy sez it's usually/often mixed with milder tobaccos before loaded into a pipe, but some like it straight. I have a sample of it that I successfully hid from myself :( ... There's a distributor in MN here maybe there are others in other areas of the country. Oh, yeah, they use it in cigars too- in the middle price range it seems. Posted for the curious...


  • Never tried it but I have read about it on various pipe forums - it is apparently exceptionally strong so I would proceed with caution.
  • Yeah, I'd just puff carefully I s'pose. Seems worth a shot though and the price 'aint bad! Maybe it'd be good mixed with some VA flake?
  • so you have to steam it before you use it or the company does that for ya?
  • edited October 2012 PM
    I want a piece, hollow it out and make snuff boxes out of it. The snuff box you can chew then smoke.
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  • 4 noggins has the pre-cut version available
  • I had some but sent it along to a smoker who liked really strong tobacco.
  • I enjoy it every now and then. Nice Vitamin "N"
  • Not familiar w/4 noggins, must google them. One steams the "stick" just to soften it enough to cut it. Or now (if not before) they have it in loox like, 100g bags, but the price is better for uncut I think. I've gotta experiment with the stuff!
  • Just recently I got both the stick and cut version Tambolaka.
    It is a very strong and a bit harsh.
    For me this is nice to smoke occasionally cause I do enjoy this earthy type smoke.
    I think this would be a nice mixer to strengthen stuff up but have yet to try that.
    I ordered mine direct from Tambo cause 4Noggins did not have the stick.
    It was pretty quick for an overseas order, hassle free, would not hesitate to order direct again.
    Not sure if I will steam the stick for preparation, may just try out a few coins by cutting with a coping saw.
    Yes, it is that hard, with a sharp knive it could be shaved too I think.
    See what happens.
  • Cool! Please keep me updated.
  • I've been wanting to get a log of this stuff for snuff making.
  • Good idea
  • @Juxtaposer This does sound like a great idea cause the stick is super dry and the snuff should be a pretty strong unique tasting mix.
    Thanks for the idea.
  • I wonder if you'd soak it with some whiskey or something.
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