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What's your favorite?



  • ALL HAIL DAVE! ^:)^
  • 6 Photo owns my nose...Kailash is favorite, closely followed by Cheetah and Anarkali.
  • SPs are my favorite, which one I haven't decided yet.
  • So what you're saying is that Dave is really making a big stab at living up to his moniker!
  • Today it's Tom Buck. Tomorrow, I think Quit.
  • So what you're saying is that Dave is really making a big stab at living up to his moniker!
    He may have to upgrade to Professor Snuff!
  • Minister of snuff? Lord of snuff? K.... you see where this is going...
  • Dr. David Illingsworth Snuff, Esq.
  • Sire Snuff
  • Great question...It really depends on my mood. I find myself carrying Toque's Spanish Gem, SP Extra, Pomegranate & Quit. I use Fribourg and Treyer's Santo Domningo on the regular too. I also use Wilson and Sharrow's Irish Toast #20&#22 & Prince's. However, for a quick pick me up, I mix Dhalokia White with either De Kralingse's Musino Tabak, Prince Regent and A/P. I would say these are my regular go to snuffs. I have tons of snuffs, but these are my go tos. I'm not much of a menthol fan, but I LOVE Poschle's Packard's Club.

    Its interesting how everyone has different tastes. I use Dragun occasionally, but there's no way I'ld make it a regular. So many people like Toque's Lime Toast. I like the toast aspect but the lime tastes like cheap Life Savers to me....can't stand it. I'm interested to know what you find as your favorites and hopefully you'll turn me on to some good snuff!
  • for the last few months, I can't get enough Taxi Blue
  • At the moment I seem to be getting through a lot of SG Grousemoor so in terms of sheer volume I guess that must be my current daytime favourite.

    In the evenings it is De Kralingse Musino - a really great snuff - but just too rich in taste to use all day. I am looking forwards to trying their other varieties when I put in my next order.

    Other regulars are Toque SP Extra and Berwick Brown with some of their Whisky & Honey every now and then.
  • My favorites that I always seem to re-order time and again are McChrystal's Original, Poschl President and Lowenprise. My all time favorite was Count Murari, but it's no longer available. I've just started getting into De Kralingse and so far I'm pleased with it.
  • At this point in time Toque Coltsfoot, or Clove and Camphor.

  • JustinJustin Moderator
    WoS Jockey Club for me - I like plenty of others too, but Jockry Club is my one constant.
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • I'm a newb. aswell and I am jumping from wall to wall. one order I am totally focused on Silsons of Sharrows flavours. As a good Dutch man, i am always saving some, so i have a collection, then jumping to SP1 J&H Wilson and blue crest, great...3rd week I read something about toast. Now I am all toasted-up. basically I just know what I don't like...and it isn't very much :-/ o well. I am still looking for a list or book that will give me an explenation on the history or the preperation of the different kinds. I did also do alot of reading, cuz i also had a kralingse snuif week. I just ordered a small box of all the flavours they had.....maybe I am just weird heheheh or over I am just lovin' it
    Have a good one!
  • ManeikisManeikis Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    This thread is really helpful for assembling a snuff order. There are so many different types of snuff that it can be disorienting at times. I'm a complete noob and have now tried a grand total of only 3 snuffs - all Toques. So far, I really like the Toque Apricot (sweet and fairly long-lasting) and the Blueberry Menthol (great for the cold outside air). I'll probably update this post in the future as I try new snuff.
  • O&G is the only snuff that is always in my rotation.
  • I don't have anyone one favorite snuff, but I do gravitate towards the
    medium to coarse grind moist snuffs, some scented some not.
    Yet I also do scotches, most of the time early in the day.
    I find that I'm really appreciating the Creme de Figue, but once
    again I would not give up my S&G black rappee
  • Since I am trying a new snuff each week, it would be that snuff. Just tried Superior and its my new fav 100% tobacco
  • In my opinion the snuff is evocative, snuffing is tied to a time, each moment has its own specific snuff.
    The difficult thing is to choose among many snuffs that we have the right tobacco for every situation! :)
    However, lately I've been enjoying a lot the J.&H. Wilsons top mill n°1 I would never say!
  • @OldBigWagon: I think Top Mill is a great snuff that often gets overlooked. When I do my snuff nightcap, I always start it with Top Mill (and I end it with Hedges).
  • Toque Spanish Gem and FUBAR Grunt ... until now :)
  • Tube Rose is a great snuff
  • It's difficult to imagine a more wonderful snuff than Sir Walter Scott's Creme de Figue. If I had to choose only one snuff to use for the rest of my life it would be the clear winner.
  • It's a toss up between:
    6 Photo Kailash and
    6 Photo Special.
  • Then again...
    In 6 months time, my taste may totally change.

    Ozona President was my favorite for several years.
  • im about to order a new load, so i may find my no.1 in this order, but up to now, depending on the mood, time of day, its between latakia ao, toque absinth (when i dont choke on it), f+t santo domingo, and red bull.
  • I would have to say the Vanilla I created is my fav with Honey, Cinnamon & Nutmeg as my 1st & last snuff of the day
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