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An open letter to Roderick Lawrie...

Mr. Lawrie,

Well, I've had enough. I once inclined my nose to the cornucopia of snuff variety with a giddy enthusiasm. Indian, German, British, Dutch and American snuffs boogied through my nostrils like a soul train headed to Nicotine City. But then I tried your SP Extra, and all that went down the sh*tter.

Initially, I didn't like SP Extra. But that was simply because the snuff was so fresh, and I hadn't given it time to decant.

Yesterday I took another pinch. The bag of snuff I bring to work now rests, neglected, on a file cabinet behind me. I tell myself that I should have a pinch of Kailash, maybe a bit of Yellow Crest, instead of reaching again into my quickly-diminishing supply of SP Extra. And sometimes I do sniff something different, but I know that it's only to clear my nostrils and ready them again for your devilish bergamot concoction.

My question is this: How can you dare to make a snuff so good? Snuffs like Tom Buck and S'nuff are now utterly obsolete. Do you know what you've done?!

I formally request that you stop production of SP Extra, as it makes all the other snuffs look bad. Would Tiger Woods play in a high school golf tournament? No, Mr. Lawrie, he would not. And why? Probably the fact that he wouldn't get paid, but also because it'd make those poor kids, even the best of them, look like clown shoes. He has to play in his own league. And what league is SP Extra in? No league. If snuff, as was once said, is the final end of the human nose, then SP Extra is the final end of snuff.

You have created this beast, and you can destroy it.

In gratitude for your cooperation,

p.s. You also might want to set up a rehabilitation program (I'm thinking with dormitories, water painting and a petting zoo) for those like myself who will be shattered beyond functionality when SP Extra is finally gone from the world.
p.p.s. Awesome snuff.


  • I still think he should warn about the ammonia cause that's probably ruined his snuffs for some people.
  • More for me
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @insectman I had similar feelings when I first tried SP extra, but I've recovered.. Try toque original and work your way back down to Tom Buck, Best SP, and SP2. Then you'll be able to appreciate SP extra in its place and time.
  • SP Extra is simply epic, nuff said!
  • A very, very nice letter. I wish all my letters were so nice.
  • I feel the same about Camphor & Clove. I ordered 10 tins the other day, I'm already halfway through the 1st. I asked for and got with this snuff, and it is perfection.

  • I'm quite partial to the smell of ammonia in fresh snuff. Is this wrong? Will other snuff-takers think less of me if I tell them?
  • hookedhooked Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    Like the plea @insectman, one thing we all share around here is a passion for the stuff we call snuff.
  • @insectman: Wonderful, poetic. Rellay a well done piece of snuff literature ;-))
  • I'm quite partial to the smell of ammonia in fresh snuff. Is this wrong? Will other snuff-takers think less of me if I tell them?
    Just me really. I like opening a tin and smelling amonia only cause it means it is very fresh. Hate that smell though.

  • I LOVE SP Extra. Rodriques recipies are amazing. I also can't get enough of Spanish Gem. Toque's Rose is so perfect it's ridiculous. I don't see how its possible to make a more perfect Rose snuff. If there is one, I don't want to know about it cause I'll have my face buried in a tin all day. As far a fruit snuff goes, Toque's Pomegranate is superb. I just got Cherry and I'm very pleased with that. So far, Spanish Gem is my favorite, followed by SP Extra and then Rose!
  • @ravenhorse (what kinda name is that anyways? the thoughts it conjures are kind of strange) try rose of sharrow which is wilsons rose snuff, it's a toss up for me which I prefer that or toques. The thing is rose just does something utterly amazing with tobacco. Though toque cherry (excluding cherise by abraxas of course) is the only cherry snuff I think is truely great. The wilsons of sharrow rose has a more cigarish finish which is much better then it sounds.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited November 2012 PM

    Call yourself an American!?! Ravenhorse is one of the coolest Native American Indian names.
  • Thanx. My real nickname is Turtle. I do lots of Native ceremonies overhere! Have a great day!
  • I thought so, but I don't want to assume. And @ Roderick I don't call myself an American. I condsider that an accident primarily (I'am happy to live in America but I think of myself as being more part of the world then part of a country, and also can't claim any responsibilty for being in America since it happened before I had much control). Interestingily my brother had the same nic name. Thanks for sharing that too.
  • Bob ;) We are all human, we take sides by choice. I agree with your point of view.

    Ravenhorse, I was always an Indian when as kids we played Cowboys and Indians.
  • DogwallaDogwalla Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    I don't think I'm human. I'm more like Alice the Goon off the old Popeye cartoons.
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