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A new handmade snuff..



  • Thank-you, Chris. I will be very interested to hear how you get on.
    I was an inveterate pipe and cigar smoker - one of my treasured memories is attending the Cigar Festival in Havana, some years ago, but one door closes and another opens.
    I have found that by carefully choosing snuff with a sufficient level of nicotine, I have been able to stop smoking altogether and have replaced it with something which has proved to be more enjoyable and utterly fascinating.
  • chrischris Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    @Johnny I will keep you updated.

    I am sure the Cigar Festival in Havana must have been wonderful - far too many great doors have closed over the years. But as you say - another one always opens.

    I have no wish to stop smoking the occasional pipe but since returning to snuff a few months ago I have only had one or two bowls so the snuff has had an impact there. But in moments of stress I still light a cigar and none of the snuffs I have tried thus far have helped with that but I think your one might do the trick there.

    You mentioned your choice of snuffs with reasonable nicotine - would you have any recommendations there? I would happily use the Creme de Figue all day long but as it is in very limited production I will attempt to resist that temptation and save it for moments when I can sit back and savour it.

    I have seen references here to some of the Indian snuffs with high nicotine content but they all seem to be a very fine grind. I can just about manage fine grinds but I much prefer the more traditional coarse grind - yours is just right. So any recommendations for an everyday snuff would be much appreciated.

    Alternatively were you to put the Creme de Figue into larger scale production so that it is always readily available I can guarantee that you would have me as a customer for life. I know that given the quality of your snuff that scenario is unlikely but one lives in hope.
  • I will definately be ordering the Creme de Figue. Has anyone tried Paul Gotard new snuffs in the glass bottle? I'm curious...
  • @Eighttrucktires The jar says minimum 15g and it is tightly packed to the brim.
  • i tried one they don't seem to have anymore. The snuff in theglass bottle i tried was the amber. It was pretty great. the jars are awesome, they keep snuff fresh and are classy and pocket size. Unlike wood or plastic the glass holds no scent. What I'am saying is they're worth it for the jar, the one snuff I've had in the jar was definatily great snuff.
  • I received it, I tried it, I really enjoyed it. Good medium grind, good tobacco, good flavour and the right amount of salt. Impressive for a homemade snuff. Like the glass jar as well. This snuff is all class.
    If i may be so bold though, i would like to make a suggestion. Add some sodium carbonate or similar to alkalize this a little more and add a bit of burn. This is only my preference in a snuff and tastes vary but i do like a bit of burn.
  • Got mine today. Fantastic stuff! Thank you, Sir Johnny!
  • It is indeed a fantastic snuff. I went back to Mr.Snuff to order a second jar but they had sold out completely. I am praying that Sir Johnny decides to make some more.
  • Have no fear....more on the way and another 5Kgs in the works. Planning on 100g jars too.
  • It's not important but I read that as 1,000g jars. I thought damn that must be a good snuff if you think the market will bear that type of bulk.
  • Another new handmade snuff with some potential are the ones by @shawn622. Both the Anisette and Blueberry are different enough from other snuffs to justify a try if they ever hit the market. I've just been sampling them and they have some serious body along with the flavor.
  • @MrSnuff I have had a pretty stressful day but you have just brightened it up by a massive degree with the news of further supplies of this wonderful snuff.

    Now if you could just arrange for that to come into stock at the same time as the New Abraxas coffee snuff and the promised new batch of Abraxas Premium original so that I could put them all on one order then I would be in absolute bliss.

    Cheeky I know but if you don't ask, you don't get.
  • Chris - my apologies fo the late reply to yours of Nov 27th.
    I am delighted you are enjoying Figue.
    Another small batch will be available early next week and there is 5kg maturing which I estimate will be ready in the beginning of the New Year.
    As to other snuffs with a high nicotine content. I have always been a fan of the superb Abraxas range, particularly Cerise, Premium and the earlier Club, although I also enjoy Dragun, and the Menthol is of course, delicious. As I am sure you know, these are all hand made to an extremely high standard, using only the finest ingredients.
    I have read that many people find the Indian snuffs high in N, but like you, I find the flour too finely ground.
  • @Johnny Thanks for your reply and absolutely no need to apologise - particularly as you are producing more of the Figue >:D<

    Thanks for the comments re the Abraxas range. I fully intend to explore those snuffs but was holding out on the basis that a new batch of the Premum original is maturing and I would prefer to get that as opposed to the Premium Fin.

    As soon as the next batch of Figue arrives with Mr.Snuff I will order some and a jar of the Abraxas Cerise. I am also hoping that the new batch of Premium original, and the new coffee snuff, will turn up at the same time so I can include those. That selection would make an excellent Christmas present to myself.
  • FaustFaust Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    @Abraxas I'm finally over my cold enough to give Abraxas Premium Fin and Sir Walter Scott's Creme De Figue a proper try. I'm really surprised I managed to wait this long, as I have little self control when new snuffs land in my mailbox. The Premium Fin is excellent. Nice grind, excellent tobacco and just enough liquor scenting to provide a delicate enhancement to the tobacco, without overpowering it.

    @Johnny The Creme De Figue now holds a very special place in my heart. The first sniff filled my nostrils with a scent, I haven't smelled in many years. I was fortunate enough to know and spend many quality years with my great grandparents, who were farmers in rural Georgia. The scent of this snuff brought back memories of Grandma and my aunts, all gathered in the kitchen, hanging over a stove with a pot of figs boiling for preserves. The smell of those preserves filled the house and even the memory of them makes my mouth water. They took very special care to assure that the preserves were the best they could be. I can confidently say the same about Creme De Figue. It's obvious from the very first pinch that every effort was made from beginning to end, to create the best snuff possible. I tip my hat to you Sir Johnny, for you have created a masterpiece.

    Both the Premium Fin and Creme De Figue are top level snuffs that I would recommend to anyone. They're a little pricey, but well worth the cost. I look forward to the Abraxas Premium Original and more offerings from Sir Walter Scott's, hitting the market in the near future.
  • Glad you liked the Fin and thanks for the feedback. I couldn't agree more about Johnny's excellent snuff - I think a major talent is coming to light here.
  • I'm excited to see what else he comes up with. Looking forward to some more amazing snuff from johnny
  • Very many thanks to Scurvy, Faust, distaind and Nigel of Abraxas for their feedback and kind comments. Another small batch of Figue should be at the MrSnuff's warehouse by Thursday lunchtime, with more in the maturing bin which will be ready in the New Year. For those who might be interested, I am in the early stages of developing a companion to Figue.
  • @Johnny I will be monitoring the Mr Snuff site like a hawk to order some more Figue. I am definitely interested in a possible companion to the Figue. Do please keep us updated on that.
  • Of-course Chris. I hope to be able to give a positive porogress report by about the middle of January.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    Can't wait to try some Johnny.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    I Can't wait to try the next one and am intrigued as to what it might be - although I am certain it will be excellent.
  • Another small batch of Figue was dispatched to MrSnuff yesterday and should arrive at the warehouse to-day.
  • 50g tubs of Sir Walter Scott's Creme de Figue now available. VERY limited supply....only 10 pots.
  • @MrSnuff Thanks for the info - I have just ordered the 50g tub. That should keep me going over Christmas.
  • @MrSnuff... I ordered mine too!!!!! YAHOO!!!!
    Oh sorry for caps lock, but it conveys my emotions accurately --can't make any orders for awhile, sadly.
  • Me neither, it does get to be a bit of a tease...
  • I found on ebay the Sir Walter Scott snuff box, some collectors might be interested!
    I hope that I was wrong to post this in this tread... :)
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