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WoS Crappy Tins

ravenhorseravenhorse Member
edited January 2013 in Types of Snuff
I'm not ordering Wilson of Sharrow anymore. Their tins suck ass. This is the third tin that is damn impossible to open. I had to open my HDT #22 with a f$cking hammer. Seriously. I sent them a message saying I'm banning them until they make tins like Toque.


  • I only have problems with their tins if it's a moist snuff, like Brunswick or Best Dark - the moistness of the snuff seems to stick the tin together. The lables are what I have an issue with - surely it must be possible for them to make labels where the lettering doesn't wear off!
  • I agree too. Considering they make Fribourg and Treyer, you would think they would have a better packaging technique....
  • Yeah. Their snuffs deserve the same treatment as F&T. If I could be assured the snuff I was getting was fresh and the tin was easy to open I'd be a lot less hesitant to buy new WoS. I started out with WoS so I'm a little partial to them but now I'm gravitating towards SG and Toque since I know their snuff will be fresh.
  • i find the tins have a vacuum effect, a bit like a fridge, where its harder to open just after being closed, a bit like the sam g. also i have to keep the snuff out of the seal. my problem is (i have the same issue with mchrystals) no matter how well i tap it to level the snuff before opening, it still ends up nearly going everywhere. i cant understand it. im not such a fan of toque tins either, i think my favourite are the 25g sam g. easier to put lid back on one handed, and i dont mind keeping a coin handy to lever it off.
  • For me tins don't matter much. I feel snuff boxes and smash boxes negate the tins.
  • I'm not ordering Wilson of Sharrow anymore. Their tins suck ass. This is the third tin that is damn impossible to open. I had to open my HDT #22 with a f$cking hammer. Seriously. I sent them a message saying I'm banning them until they make tins like Toque.

    Your loss.
  • Their tins are a pain in the you know what. I just figured out how to open these things without the snuff flying all over the edge and now like you I have had these tight tins that make it even harder but I do like their snuff especially their peppermint I think like others say its time to invest in more snuffboxes containers to hold this stuff and just chuck these tins
  • bobbob Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    Even smash boxes are good for this. And their cost is pretty low.
  • I understand that sometimes the tims can be 'tight', but then if they weren't that would be a whole other complaint. I have dozens of the tins and have only had a bit of trouble with a couple of the little ones. On these just take the edge of a knife and pry at the edge by twisting. Works well. Have noted that if I have a tin that does this, it will always do this. So If I have not already repackaged the snuff, this is the perfect time to do so. LUCK..... The only real persistent 'complaint' from me is that they are so full that when you open them there can be - slosh over - Far as that goes I'm ok with that as I figure I at least have full ones. If I rap the tin on a table just before opening the contents tend to settle out reducing this challenge.
  • I don't see why people can't open these tins. You gently squeeze the sides and the tins open right up, even my tin of Brunswick that was completely corroded solid opened this way, taking a hammer to one is just plain ridiculous. If anything they aren't tight enough and that tape is useless since every moist 10g tin of WoS snuff I've ever gotten was completely dried out, the 25g tins seem to hold up better.
  • Hammering snuff tins remind of opening scene of 2010: Space Odyssey.
  • before i bought WoS i read they were hard to open. I didn't spile the snuff but same problem with me very hard to open like McChyristals. The only way is to empty it a little bit to open easily.
  • A couple I have are already starting to rust. My Burgundy and the French Carotte I just received have rust all over the inside of the tins. And yes I think the labels need some work, but the few tins I have had open pretty easy.
  • Same here with the Burgundy. Having found a source of suitably sized glass jars I simply decant them as soon as I open them.
  • I've never experienced a WoS tin, but Snafu tins are the worst experience I've ever had. Those things are hard to open and reseal. The inside silicone slop-job doesn't give me much faith that the snuff is going to stay fresh even if I can get the damned lid back on. Good thing I have two jars that the labels fit perfectly.
  • Just have to say that the title of this thread makes it look like WoS is getting into some strange snuff scents these days. "Anyone try wilsons new Crappy Tin snuff? Is it more crappy or tinny?"
  • Does anyone think that it is the age of the tins?
  • could be...
  • it's been theorized before that wilsons has a stock of millions if not billions of these tins and the only way they'll change is if we order more of their snuff.
  • That might work in reverse. They would think that everyone loves them and buy more.
    If it was me... I would write a pleasant letter with pictures of my order and ask them to look into it. I have done this in the past and have gotten great explanations to receiving samples or free product.
    Just a thought
  • I store all my snuff in glass jars, no problems best investment I ever made. Keeps the snuff fresh as the day I popped the lid. F&T being the exception,they stay in their film cans.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • XanderXander Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    I won't complain about these tins to Wilsons directly. They're not the best but by far not the worst. I'd be afraid they'd go to horrible leaky plastic tapboxes if they got too many complaints about the tins. Gawith Hoggarth and Samuel Gawith both used to use the same tins, now they've gotten much worse.

    The WoS ones are actually not bad tins at all if you know how to handle them (dropping before opening). I tend to resuse them frequently to fill from bulk stocks. Once they get a little rusty they go in the recycling. I have plenty more.
  • I have never had one to make a personal decision on the quality of product or tin, that I'll admit.
    They would more than likely say that your vendor isn't keeping his stock fresh or improper storage.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    When I get a stubborn, slightly corroded one I just use the dull blade of my pipe knife to gradually wedge the top loose enough to twist off- only takes a minute and a modicum of effort. Just be careful...
  • with finer snuffs wipe the edges occasionally and it will prevent the tin getting stuck. That seems to be what causes it is snuff particles getting stuck on it.
  • I reuse Wilsons tins like @Xander and buy those tiny 5g tins just for this purpose. Corrosion might be a problem, better check the tins regularly.
  • Maybe they should look at shoe polish tins for opening. I love the little lever on the side. Wouldn't solve the rust issue
  • just tossed half a tin of Burgundy, too, very rusted, they should have a different container for this snuff.
  • I was really hoping they would switch to the vac tins when they brought out the Sharrow Mentholated. We should buy lots of it and little of the others to make the point. Well you guys should...I already did! :(|)
  • I've been through a good few dozen WoS tins over the years as its my local brand but I've rarely had a problem with the tins other than when they've been squashed in my trousers. I've never had a tin rust and as @xander says, give it a tap around the rim and it should open easily.
    On the subject of crappy tins though, I've just had an 8g pot of 6 photo anarkarli delivered and the plastic pot is shocking! :(|) (like the monkey!)
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