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what are you mixing?



  • i use my palm and my pipe scoop, maybe something off the wall like old paris and WEGerrett scotch
  • I mix 1792 Flake and MacBaren HH Mature Virgina 50/50. Makes the burn even and lasting, tastes wonderful, and gives me the "Nic-Ups" =P~
  • @PotPoe I been using this mix often but I use MacBaren No.1 Virginia broken flake with the 1792; burns with one good lite after false lite. And still taste great! A nice double dose of Elmo's Reserve in the nose compliments well.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • just tried adding a little poschl alpina to some WoS aniseed eucalyptus --omg it was like putting an ice cube in my nose, ws not expecting how 'cold' it would be.
  • I just mixed Square scotch with F&T Seville today. Not sure about the proportions but it's at least 9/10 Square. I don't know if I can recommend it, but it's not terrible. Certainly a change of pace.
  • Snafu Plain with a dash (probably 1:5) of DK Prins Regent... excellent.
  • Fruit Punch--Even proportions Temptation Grape Concord, Temptation Purple Passion, Toque Strawberry, Toque Lime Toast, WoS Tom Buck, a dash of Bucks Fizz, and a pinch less of even Old Paris.
  • Toque Champagne & SG Cola also Toque coke into Blast cola champagne 2/2/1/8 ratio
    I received an opened tin without scent ; this revival seems to work. The blast is still a good base to work with. I may put a 1/4 spoon of templation grape but that maybe too strong, the grape has brass balls in scent strength.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    An attempt to make a Christmas snuff/schmalzler:

    8 parts Poschl Schmalzler A
    3 parts McC Clove
    1 part Toque Vanilla
    1 part SG Apple
    1/2 Tonka bean
  • WoS Dynamite & Fubar Bohica
    Ice meets Fire
    The tears are flowing And my nose needs a blowing
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • That sounds TOTALLY AWESOME!!! @CSTOKES!!!!!!!!!! Creative juices are a flowing at your house.....
  • Gold label/w.o.s. SS it adds a little to it but mostly stretches out the gold label. I did the same thing with grand Cairo
  • nosembossnosemboss Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    i really like my damiana leaf (mood and libido) in my nose, mixed 3/8 with some Quit sandalwood is great.
  • Tom's High Toast: 25% F&T HDT, 25& Wilson's Honey Menthol, and 50% Wilson's Tom Buck. If you like a little more menthol "burn" in your nose, increase the Honey Menthol and decrease the Tom Buck. This is a really good mix. Smokey
  • Damiana is a good herb, smells great!
  • Another blend with Cheetah as the base...4 parts Cheetah, one part Kailash.

    Very, very nice.
  • I have some Molen's Potpourri No1 tobacco free snuff - it's not glucose based, but various herbs and spices ground up, and a pinch of that as a follow on to a pinch of S&G McCombie (pure tobacco, no other scent) is DELICIOUS!
  • Made the most amazing and random mix. With De Kraalingse Gingerbread as the base, I added a smaller heap of Tiger Cherry and a dash of Zwiefacher. It is energizing, sweet, spicy, and beyond what I ever could have expected since the Gingerbread is dried out now unfortunately.
  • Last night mixed 2 parts 6 photo kailash and 1 part natural.
  • Tonight, experimented a little. I mixed Toque Coke with Rockit Cherry Pop, and it tastes more like cherry coke than the cherry pop did. I also mixed some Braniff Mint snuff, Dholakia Swiss Chocolate, a couple taps of Gletscher Prise and a tap of President, and it's just like a York Peppermint Patty! This is fun! :)
  • F&T Bordoux and WoS Aniseed&Eucalyptus
  • 50/50 mixture of Toque Berwick Brown and Viking Dark. I like the scent of Berwick Brown, but it's a little overpowering for me. I tried airing it out for a week, but that wasn't enough. The Viking Dark has toned it down to a level I find more acceptable.
  • CDF No1 & D white 6/4
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I very rarely mix, but have found SG Grousemoor and SG McCombie a little dull, so I've added a good amount of F&T Princes to both with satisfying results.
  • 1:1 Hedges L260, WoS Camphor and Mild, Toque Camphor and Clove, a couple pinches each of Toque Lime Toast, Golden Pinch, and F&T Princes Special. Really really cold to start, with hints of citrus and florals in the fade.

    I see it as a Western take on the 6photo line.
  • 1:1 WoS Sandalwood & WoS Lavender
  • Abraxas Fin & Wille Pete 1:4
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • 40% Dhalokia White 60% Prins Regens or Musinot Tabak
  • 1:1 Dragun and HDT
  • 60% Quit and 40% Dholakia White.
    This is a nice, pick me up mix, for mornings at work.
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