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Favorite De Kralingse

ravenhorseravenhorse Member
edited January 2013 in Types of Snuff
I just received Musino Tabak and Prins Regent. I absolutely love both of them and I'm curious and to people's favorite snuff from this line and why?


  • chrischris Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    I have only tried the Musino and I think it is wonderful. It reminds me of the aroma of Ras el Hanout which is a Middle eastern spice mixture. It is easy to take and the aroma lasts for a good while. An excellent evening snuff.

    My next MrSnuff order will include a variety of the De Kralingse snuffs and if they are all as good as Musino - and judging by the reviews I've read they are - then I am in for a treat.
  • Which ones are you ordering? I've had A/P, Musino, Prins Regent and Macuba. I love them all. My favorite is Prins Regent so far. A/P is absolutely amazing. It's the boldest flavored snuff on the market.
  • I haven't decided yet. I seem to be acquiring a large stock of snuff already by the temptation to try new ones is always there. I have a very long "to try" list that I need to whittle down before I order any more.

    The Prins Regent is on that list
  • XanderXander Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    I keep finding discussions in the review section, and moving them out here to "Types of Snuff"
    If your discussion is not getting any answers (or very few) after months check to see if you posted it in the reviews. Reviews do not go to the top of current discussions, they are in a segragated portion of the site (for now). Consequently, they don't get much traffic.
  • Musino Tabak is my favorite snuff of any manufacture ive tried yet , and its in every order i make
  • Without a doubt Musino
  • stogiestogie Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    Hmmm for me it is Peppermunt. I like the mint of course, but the smoky latakia background is a terrific compliment.....Reminds me of drinking a strong cup of mint tea while smoking a bowl of good english tobacco... Of course, I Have 100g of all of the options and They are ALL good.... Have to say that I am not a fan of the little containers though.
  • yeah the containers are hard to work with , i end up cutting the slots off to get in there with a snuff spoon
  • I love Latakia. It's a tie between their A/P and AO 1860. So far I've loved all their snuffs that I've tried, which includes Bon Bon, Gingerbread and Pompadour.
  • yeah the containers are hard to work with , i end up cutting the slots off to get in there with a snuff spoon
    The lid, while it's a snap fit, is held on with an almost invisible piece of tape. If you peel the label back from the top you can remove the tape and take the lid right off - it's what I do, as I prefer to pinch. :)

    I've got, in order, Pompadour, Bon Bon, and Hollandse Bolongaro.

    Pleasant though it is I've not found HB to have much in the way of flavour, though I wonder if I got a fresh box, as when it arrived it seemed less full than the other two, there was no tape around the lid, and the label was partially trapped under the lid. The website I ordered it from has since changed hands, and I wonder if it was a box that had been used by the then owner, and as they had no stock of it I got that one.

    Bon Bon is very nice, sweet scented with a good underlying note of tabacco, and I enjoy it in small but often pinches, but my fave is Pompadour - the flavour is lovely, warm and long lasting in the nose, and the tobacco scent comes through complimenting the other flavours perfectly. I'll be ordering another when this box is empty.

    I do intend to work my way through more of their range, probably start with one of their chocolate variants (chocolate or choco creme, not sure which yet) and at least one other, so this thread will be of great interest!
  • I've had AO 1860, A/P, and Gingerbread and I liked them all. I think Gingerbread is the winner so far for me. You guys are putting my TAD into overdrive - I'm waiting for an order to arrive and adding to my shopping cart already!
  • It was Musino but the St Omer is outstanding. I very much look forward to that going into full production. When it does I will buy that in bulk.
  • Musino and Prins Regent are my favorites, too, with the edge going to Musino
  • I've not tried most of the Choco range, but that's ok, since I've mostly lost interest in chocolate snuffs. Have't tried the Peppermunt nor the last two main releases (Limburger and St.Omer).
    So among the others ranked:
    1) Prins Regent (5/5)
    2) Macuba (5/5)
    3) Bon Bon (5/5)
    4) Gingerbread (5/5)
    5) A/P (5/5)
    6) Musinotabak (4/5)
    7) Pompadour (4/5)
    8) Mettaijer (4/5)
    9) Hollandse Bolongaro (4/5)
    10) Latakia Ao 1860 (4/5)

    So I have 10 favorites. ;)
    Pretty awesome when half a company's range is in the "must have" category.

    I even like the Potpourri non tobacco one.

    I ranked the Choco at 3/5, and Oranje at 2/5. The only reason the orange got a bad score is because it didn't stay orange, I think it sat in a non airtight container too long. I'll try again someday.
  • Latakia!
  • Glad to hear so much positive reactions. We are working on two personal requests one from France and one from Poland. Beside that we are planning to revive the historical Mississippi tabak when the weather provides higher temperatures for the fermentation.

    Jaap Bes.
  • Is the Mississippi Perique based?

  • I even like the Potpourri non tobacco one.
    I've got that too, just forgot to list it! I like it too, wrote a review for it at Snuff Store.
    Incidentally I tried a pinch of that followed by a pinch of WoS Royal George last night, works rather well.

  • I have 5 or 6 of their range, a like them all a lot! but Prins Regent is the one that a Cherish more.
  • I can't decide between Gingerbread and Macouba, and that's just for first place.
  • I just want to add to my previous thoughts, that these "must have" snuffs are for the most part historical recipes or historically inspired recipes. These are magnificent snuffs that have been lost to us through the ages. Ages when even some still existing snuffmakers remained in production, but took no interest in restoring or keeping alive these recipes. Yet it took a new company, -and a non-profit company at that - to restore to us what we are rightfully due, due to our shared cultural heritage of human ingenuity and creativity. Its ironic, but yet magnificent at the same time.

    The Kralingse mills are today what that seed bank in Spitzbergen will be in 200 years. (

    In 2212 they will release to us the newly restored food "Apples" and the on the internet forum "Foodhouse" there will be much rejoicing.
  • Probably Pepermuntsnuif. Lovely, lovely snuff.
  • Since the millers of Rotterdam are making snuffs based on old recipes, all of their range is unique. For me - being a hothead of snuff, snuff history and overall history - it's brilliant to try products that disappeared long ago. Not all of De Kralingse snuffs are my favorite, but all of them are make history come alive. Besiedes Jaap and crew are the renaissance of an old saying - "the Dutch snuffmakers are the best in the world".

    My personal best, and the best snuff of all time is Bon Bon. I call it "heartbeat", since the words "bon bon" sounds like "bom bom" which is an onomatopoeia for that.

    I wonder what's the personal requests from France.
  • @Xander: Sorry to disapoint you but no, it is based as most of our snuffs on the Virginia type.

    Jaap Bes.
  • Love the snuffs, hate the 25g tap boxes. I cut the tap boxes up and move the snuff to 25g smash boxes.
  • May I suggest that everyone should try mixing 30%Dahlokia White with 70%of their favorite De Kralingse snuff. Take it on the back of the hand, one for each nostril. Outstanding! I find the DW contributes a unique flavor and of course gives you a strooong nic hit! You will thank me for it. :)>-
  • Just received Mississippi snuff and it's my new favorite, with Limburger running a close second.
  • Firestarter0Firestarter0 Member
    edited June 2013 PM
    molens A/O or potpourri 1. i find the p1 goes well in plain snuffs, and in my tops/dregs (a snuff made of all the new tin overflows and scrapings of tins/boxes).
  • Latakia A/O for me
  • Well, I just got some of the Latakia A/O and it was a revelation. I'm a new snuff user, although a long-term pipe smoker. In my first two orders from Mister Snuff, I got a small mixed bag, including about 400 grams of /Toque Quit, 250 gram of Dholakia White, some mixed flavored Toques, Abraxas Premium Coarse, Abraxas Cevise - and now the Latakia. I thought Quit and the White were going to be my main staples: but this joins the list.

    It's a much coarser grained snuff than the Toque and White, and probably moister. It certainly doesn't burn the way those two do. But the flavor and the nicotine hit build up and hang on. It really reminds me of smoking a good English blend in a pipe. It's not something that I'd carry with me and use throughout the day, but it's great for the evening, lying in bed and reading. It would be a bit too much to take while in the office or out and about, when a quick blast of the high-nic fine snuffs seems to work best.
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