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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Marasotu snus (n.rustica)

i want to introduce you with marasotu. Rustica leaves are mixed with (oak) ash 1/1 ratio and the moisture is 50%. It is used like snus but gives a tingling sensation. It is sold in 25g loose packs so you need thin cigarette papers to make your portion. As far as i know from the press it is also sold in UK at some turkish markets.
History: it is told that in WW I french soldiers came to maras and some other cities with this type of tobacco and the local people learnt how to make it.


  • It looks dangerous!
  • @Juxtaposer i think it is dengerous with extreme nicotine content. I gave up smoking with it. I used it +14 hours a day even when sleeping. one pack lasts for 2 days. when my teeth began to look brownish i stopped using it and swiched to nasal snuff(now my teeth are white again).
    Sure it has the strongest nicotine kick.
  • Where is it available ?
  • enfiyeenfiye Member
    edited June 2013 PM
    In turkey. It's used almost entirely by truck drivers.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2019 PM
    Looks so tempting! And very simple formula of this chema.
  • Noooo!!!,

    Sorry my friend but, this is so dangerous. I know it is a traditional eastern method but some types of snuff need to be snuffed out. It is simply a method of cutting real snuff. Don't do it! We stop smoking and switch to snuff because it is 95% safer. I got into snuff because my wife was a cancer research scientist and I wanted to help other smokers. This is so wrong. Moderators be nice to this guy but get it off snuffhouse.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Sounds very similar to iqmik which is used primarily by the native peoples in Alaska and NW Canada. The ash content in marasotu seems excessive, though.
    Chronic nicotine overdose is one way to shorten ones lifespan. It puts a strain on the heart. Building a tolerance to that much nicotine seems like a slippery slope.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2019 PM
    Not to promote the consumption of that kind of stuff at all, I dug out this old Marash powder thread as a curiosity. However, there's definitely more to it than a spontaneous excitement of smokeless tobacco aficionado who just discovered something new. It is an integral part of tobacco realm and is related to the modern
    makla-type products, which evolved from similar powdered rustica and ash mixture.

    Also, interesting to know the odd route of chema spread along the Mediterranean: Algeria - France - Turkey. Just like @linguist mentioned, it's movement reflects a piece of history, namely - a Battle of Marash (to be precise, Franco-Turkish War, not the WWI), where many Algerians fought among the French troops.

    As any other tobacco product, it's obviously not safe. Still, instead of obscurely demonizing, let's enlighten and warn, pointing at the specific dangers and naming them. Let the facts and figures talk.

    The greatest concern of Marash otu users should be the high content of toxic heavy metals in ready-made product, which might be resulted by a faulty mfg tech (i. e. metal contamination, caused by machinery/equipment used in the process of manufacturing) or ingredients contam. Here's a link to the research paper on metal contents:'de_Satilan_Farkli_Sigara_Markalarinin_Metal_Icerik_Analizleri , which indicates very high concentrations of Cd, Pb, Al, Fe, Zn, Cr, Ni, Cu and Mn and states that "Marash powder addicts should be warned towards serious health problems, such as alzheimer, lung, kidney and pancreas cancer".

    Then, surely, there's a certain amount of nicotine, enough for habituation to occur approximately after one month's usage (sic!). Surprisingly, nicotine content numbers indicated in the following research article on HPLC analysis of N. rustica and Marash powder are not that high as one could expect from a rustica product: 1.17% (possible bias 0,03) in three samples tested:
    - less than in makla, snus, and some European nasal snuff, when compared to the results of this research:$FILE/medMD7DTDGU.pdf?openelement . Still, less doesn't mean safer. A number of studies have shown negative effects on the humoral immune system, increase of the oxidative stress and genotoxic effects ( There's also a risk of oral cancer, "[..]observed in subjects with 15 or more years of exposure" (, not to mention damage to labial mucosa and gingiva (pH level of wood ash is similar to calcium hydroxide) and increased risk for cardiovascular diseases.

    @linguist, what is the legal status of Maras otu in Turkey?
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @volunge excellent research!
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