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41 Photo Himtaj

edited October 2013 in Types of Snuff
I thought you guys would like to know that we have just received 41 Photo (makers of White Elephant) Himtaj Black and Himtaj Golden.

I put it on special to give you guys first dibs. I would appreciate reviews so we can let the wider community know your opinions since this is a new snuff.


  • Just placed an order
  • What you need is more WE!
  • The white elephant just arrived today. I thought customs had it, but it was only delayed an extra 2 days.
  • @mrsnuff oh no! How do I add it to my order? Will I just have to place another one?
  • stapfstapf Member
    edited September 2013 PM
    @wiscsnuffer Message them on the site. It usually works unless they were very fast at filling the order.
  • just got back from camping and was happy to see White Elephant was back in stock, but sadly it appears to be 'on order' again. That was fast....
  • Oh good. My order containg 50g of Himtaj Black and 50g of Himtaj Golden, has just been updated to "shipped" sent using Royal mail 24Hr delivery. So hopefully tomorrow will be a good snuff day!
    Where are you located? That's awfully quick!

  • @lunecat could you give a description on those two. They are in my cart and will be ordered either way but I'm just curious what they are like.
  • @Mr.Snuff: on behalf of the manufacturer of white elephant i would like to thank Mr.Snuff for introducing our new snuff himtaj in the market.And by all the reviews we can surely see that is being liked and we hope that it makes it mark as the White elephant snuff has.

    Thanks all
  • I can't wait to try them. If they're even half as good as White Elephant they'll be solid snuffs IMO.
  • @horus92 We would love to hear your comments about Himtaj
  • anyone done a video of these yet?
  • It takes forever for snuff to get across the pond
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • tollickdtollickd Member
    edited October 2013 PM
    I hope tony snuff or Paul shallbetter does a review as I am a huge fan of these guys
  • @lunecat thanks for your appreciation and comments about Himtaj.We would love to hear more of your response and we would recommend others to try Himtaj and share their reviews with us as your comments will be highly appreciable..You can place your order with Mr.Snuff
  • Since receiving my 50g cans of Himtaj Black & Golden, they have both been in my daily selection. I'm impressed & would certainly recommend to anyone who knows & likes exotic Indian snuffs.
    Could you give us more details? I really look forward to trying both.

  • Maybe someone can answer this. I noticed the underside of my himtaj black lid is a recycled 6 photo tin?!?! Hmmmmm very interesting. Is 41 photo owned by 6 photo? Is this common knowledge and I just didn't know?
  • The color was skewed by the flash on my phone. It is less green than the photo. I tried to get close enough to show the 6 photo logo and print.
  • And mine is definitely clear enough to see. Why would this happen? It just dawned on me that maybe they use the same can manufacturer. That's the most plausible I suppose....
  • @wiscsnuffer You are absolutely right,we use the same tin manufacturer and these things happen sometimes.
  • @wiscsnuffer,lunecat yes you are rite as our tin printers/manufacturers is the
    same.some time it happens.We will inform the suppliers for take care in future.
  • Mine is also a 6 photo on the underside. Whats up with this? It seems like they must be packed in the same factory. Or maybe they just stamp sheets of metal w/ various labels, then punch them out as the different snuffs are packaged. One thing is certain, they don't have anything resembling quality control in their production facilities. It sometimes makes me a little nervous about what may get dumped into batches of snuff. When I've looked at the snuff websites from India, they all say everything is produced under "the strictest standards", but still I wonder if thats the truth. I rather doubt it, but I still enjoy the Himtaj. I just hope it isn't fortified with pure mercury, arsenic or something lethal. Those scorpion logos with the words "tobacco kills" kind of make me worry....
  • ...con't... well, I really do enjoy all the Indian snuffs, and I'm sure my reactions are partly based on the fact that I live in the US, where everything is labeled and labeled and labeled until everything seems like it might be dangerous. I didn't mean to sound ethnocentric. I just worry about that sort of stuff since a few years ago my cat died from eating canned cat food that had this chemical called melamine in it. I researched it and found that a certain Chinese supplier had added it to one of the components in several major brands of dog and cat food sold in the US. I just wanted to explain that I'm not pointing fingers at our Indian snuff makers. I just worry too much..and I take a lot of snuff, and buy a lot of it..
  • The way I see it @mrmanos tobacco itself is probably more dangerous than any of the other ingredients in snuff.
  • squidsquid Member
    edited October 2013 PM
    The scorpion is there for those that are illiterate, the same also serves as to why there are a number of photos to identify the snuff. I fail to see how you can question the standards that a company has without any first hand knowledge by witnessing the process or even inquiring from the manufacturer of their tolerances and data for you to blatantly say that you doubt they maintain "the strictest standards". In the US we don't even have strict standards. Arsenic, pesticides, strychnine, molds and hosts of other toxins are perfectly acceptable in the food we produce and the animals we consume.
    I just think it is unfair to the snuff manufacturers from India, as indicated in the above posts, that their process and standards they claim to aspire to are lies, based off the theory of your paranoia.
  • @squid, while i admire your apparent disposition to jump in and 'save the day', you produced no evidence to back up these companies, so your post is largely useless, except for its inflammatory content.

    @mrmanos, i understand your concerns, and seeing the condition of the indian snuff tubs, and the condition of some american tubs (actually fubar is indian too isnt it?), it does worry me a little. that certificate does ease me a little, but not much since it is out of date, and anything could happen in 3 years. where did you get it @lunecat?

    id like to point out my concerns are not limited to indian companies. i continue to use snuff, but i do not want to just shut up and take it for granted.

    dont call a forumer out and shoot down their post without real reasoning.
  • Again with this anti-indian nonsense, some people just never learn 8-|
  • I just can't tell if it's because they're unwilling or incapable.
  • I am more-than-a-year user of Six Photo snuffs, so this is my own experience: the quality of the products is very stable. If I buy a new tin of Kailash (regardless of the size) I got the same colour, consistency, scent, nicotine level, etc. Everything is exactly the same every time. This can only be achieved by strict quality control, IMHO. The tins are such as they are. Cheap, simple packaging, thats all. Did you ever see a pack of Grimm&Triepel chewing tobacco? It is made in Germany, in the middle of Europe, where everything is under strict regulation - but the package is made of cheap cardboard and grease-proof paper, seems like something from 1950 :)
  • Just popped the tops of the golden and the black .Tried the golden first very exotic the black is good but not as flavorful. They both get the shamans seal of approval :D
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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