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How much snuff per...

How much snuff do you usually take per day/week/month? I know it depends on the mood, day, health, time and so on, but I think we can all tell an approximate value.

1. I used to snuff 2-6 g per day before the break in snuffing, now I snuff.. well, it's hard to tell, but it would be around 1g, as I suppose.
2. Before break - 25 g per week, now 5g
3. Before break - 90-110 g, now 30g



  • used to snuff about 3-4g a day, i use snus now and sometimes i wont snuff at all, usually its a pinch or two a day. more if i have work to do. with my collection of snuff, i dont think ill ever empty another tin haha...
  • 8-10 pinches so very little.
  • I use around 5 - 6g aday but I also use a e cig around 1ml 24mg but that's better than the 50 cigs aday I used to smoke for the past 35 years
  • It ranges depending on the grind/moisture/nic content. Usually anywhere between 4-8g. I have the occasional dip. And I do use my e-cig usually in the evening after work. And the occasional cig once every couple of weeks. They're always around since the wife still smokes. Ex cig smokers like myself tend to use more. Non addicts are baffled by 5g+ a day consumption, but these people never bought a pack of cigarettes with nickels and dimes because payday was a day off lol
  • 5-7 grams a day. I like to keep my heart pumping and love the N rush.
  • @SnuffH3ad , don't you have any nasal troubles?

  • 2-3grams a day. I'm about to quit smoking the pipe during the day time so this will rise a bit i'm guessing. If i ended up just snuffing 5g of good snuff a day i'd be a happy man.
  • About five grams a day. I haven't been smoking my pipe recently, just enjoying snuff more. The last time I had a pipe, I stopped in the middle for some snuff and regretted having lit it.
  • I am still trying to figure out how you guys calculate your daily usage. But I usually take a large pinch twice an hour.
  • @SnuffH3ad , don't you have any nasal troubles?

    @Viertel No. I might have a day or two of pain in the right nostril, but I'm otherwise quite fine.

  • I am still trying to figure out how you guys calculate your daily usage. But I usually take a large pinch twice an hour.
    @Harlequin. If I opened 25g tin on Monday morning, and there is nothing left in the tin on the Friday evening, then I know it is >5g/a day, because 25/5=5 and that one snuff is not the only one I use.

  • You all guys have armored noses.
  • On average I'll use 1-2g a day. On a heavy day I might use ~3g per day, but for me that's walking a fine line. Much more than that and my nose will start hurting, and I'll need a day or two off.
  • You all guys have armored noses.
    Your nose does get tougher with time i have found. Slowly but steadily.

  • I am still trying to figure out how you guys calculate your daily usage. But I usually take a large pinch twice an hour.
    How big is a large pinch? I thought I was taking a lot, but it sounds like you more experienced folks are able to really shovel it in there.

  • Larger then an apple seed pinch, 2-3x per nostril.
  • Depends on the snuff. Best Dark I can accomodate in as much as my fingers will pinch and sometimes go back for even more, whereas with others I have to take several smaller pinches and "layer" until my grin appears :P As for whether your pinches are as large, or larger than other snuffers - it's irrelevant! You take the best pinch size for your nose and your enjoyment. Sod what everyone else does - it's your nose you're keeping happy, not theirs ;)
  • i counted up my empty tins for the year and worked out about 28g a week. some days i snuff very little.
  • It varies so much. Sometimes I only use snus and no snuff but most days I'll use about 5g of snuff, occasionally 10-15g. It really depends on what I'm doing.
  • You all guys have armored noses.

    Your nose does get tougher with time i have found. Slowly but steadily.

    Exactly this. When I wasn't using snus and was multiple pinching per nostril, getting through 15-20g snuff a day was easy with no nose irritation. Your nose hardens up the more you snuff.

    Now I'm using more snus and less snuff, I've noticed my nose is a bit more sensitive, so I can't snuff so much as I could before.
  • 20g a day... I wouldn't even have time to snuff so many times
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    BIG PINCHES, 3-4 pinches per nostril every 15 minutes, 20g a day very easy to achieve. Big pinches best achieved used MIDDLE finger and thumb. :)
  • Jeez, you guys. A 7gram tap box lasts me a couple of weeks. I guess I should up the intake. I'd be willing to bet it will happen naturally when I discover some decent snuffs. I wind up trying to snuff some brutons during the day until my shipment arrives and every time I take a little I start coughing and think to myself "f* THAT s*". But the fruit ones I have are nasty and have so little nicotine that it's unenjoyable. I guess that's how it goes.
  • Lets see, I just weighed my 2 regular boxes and they hold almost 6g each. they are gone by the evening time most days. After I get home from work I pinch out of whatever looks good in the collection.... so I'd say daily probably 10-15g on the average day. Used to be a gram or 2 but When I finally quit smoking and switched to Snuff full time my usage went up dramatically.
  • snuffy--i use back/hand (actually palm) keep hearing dose being apple seed size. my spoon gives about regular sunflower seed size which i divide between the 2 nostrils. doesn't take long to be scraping the bottom. i'm not crazy---i pinch the am scotch . i'm about 80% toast guy. i'm virgin to the white snuffs--i must confess
  • I don't know how I don't finish more boxes than I do. I wasn't aware that apple seed size was the norm. I'd been filling that boxcar up to the tip top.
  • Apple seed is fine for a beginner, I wouldn't call it the norm. An almond size per nostril is normal for me.
  • edited December 2013 PM
    Ok, I feel more normal now. The apple seed size just didn't feel like enough. I just need to get some better snuff; that which I have is mostly crap. :-w
  • Mario84Mario84 Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    Damn guys! The average on here seems to be like a tapbox a day! A tapbox (7-10 grams) seems to last me about 2 weeks. The first period it was easy to calculate this, because Ozona President was all I used, but the tempo still seems to be the same, and my tapbox just lasts and lasts and lasts and I never seem to see the end of it, lol.
    I think I hold back a little, compared to how nicotine satisfied I'd like to be. Maybe if I really just let go completely I would do a tapbox a day, maybe... I mean I was a hardcore snus addict for crying out loud. Still, I gotta admit, a tapbox a day seems unreasonable and I have a hard time picturing that, lol.
    I take farely decent pea sized pinches like every 15 minutes... meaning the dose looks pea sized in loose form... in the pinch it might be more like an apple seed / sunflower seed I guess...
    Wow guys... 7 grams+ a day...!
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