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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

FA Championship Football 2014/15

Okay, so Millwall stay up in Championship after a hard fought 8 matches unbeaten. @lunecat some other, less fortunate clubs were sacked with having our wage thieves sodded off on to their clubs and this will help us free up wages to pay real players. We're free of the likes of Morison and Trotter now and hopefully Meirhoffer too (seems he's holding out for a Premier-shit club? laughable... Good luck with that, "neck") --- Wall will easily post a 4th or 5th place in 14/15 with Ollie staying on for us and good, young talent hitting the pitch for us this time 'round.
Anyone else? And please, let's keep Premier-shit clubs out of this discussion as anyone with any taste doesn't follow such drivel anyhow.


  • If millwall made it to the premiership,would you say they were a premier shit club aswell then.?lol
  • Wall will not be in Premier-shit-- it's not really an "English" league anymore is it? Couldn't care less about big money clubs, foam fingers, scarfers....
  • Bump
  • edited May 2014 PM
    yes.. waiting.. sickening, the summer months-- only my lad's club to keep me from drowning myself in beers and tears.... and this thread if anyone cares to participate-- should've known, dealing with you lot, that banning "Premiership" discussion would put the thread into autokill... At least lunecat has taste-- needs work, but taste nonetheless... :))
  • ha-- understood-- was worth it mate just to read the stats-- I'm no liberal either (a bit right of Atila the Hun, mate), but was the best article summing up the debts.
  • edited June 2014 PM
    well we got our first friendly announced with Dartford--- we'd attempted to set up with Dagenham RB but they wouldn't pay the policing so that was a no-go per the usual ... then we were supposed to have Zenit St. Pete/Russia away but that didn't happen either-- was sorely disappointed on that one. trotters got theirs in yet? 'wall represented in Miami with two banners-- "MILLWALL: PARIS, NEW YORK, PECKHAM!" haha
  • 'Wall have Leeds at the Den first match... Figures...
  • 9 August drawing closer by the minute... Wall line up Mallorca friendly--- ready!
  • 2 hours-- Wall/Dartford friendly... KO!!!
  • FT Dartford 0 Wall 1
  • Burnley, Burnley, Burnley, Burnl- I'll get mi coat ;)
  • Bolton my good man, always the Wanderers!
  • edited July 2014 PM
    Never hurts to have dreams, me ol muckers, haha*
    Wall 2 Stevenage 2 (not proud of that one, obviously)
    Wall 3 Aldershot 1 (a bit better, but should've shown 5-1 if we had anyone up front.. July-- no strikers, brill as usual)
    Mallorca up next for friendlies... And then on to 9 August with Weeds :))
    So then, what's Wanderers pre-season been like?
  • Domestic teams; we beat Rochdale 2-0 and drew 1-1 with Macclesfield. Bit of a mixed bag with the overseas stuff. First match of the new season is away to Watford on 9th Aug.
  • Good show, @Koba22 @lunecat . Good luck with Watford hope you come away clean, Wanderers. I'll be seeing Oldham Latics compliments of my mate up G. Manchester next month. Not one of my ranking clubs but will be exciting for me as I've never been up to Oldham before.
  • Yeah, I've heard. It'll be fun no matter. Thanks @lunecat
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