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Dreams of Snuff

I had the weirdest dream last night. I never have tried an SG snuffs. SG Red Crest and Wild Duck appeared multiple times in my dreams last night. I guess the universe wants me to order some :). If anyone has tried Red Crest or Wild Duck I would love some input!


  • Red Crest in an excellent plain snuff. Medium grind and moisture, red-brown in colour, with a nice grassy/hay aroma. I finished a tin in record time awhile ago and I must order another one. Just make sure you get a tin and not the tap box or it will be a dry mess.
  • Many of the SG snuffs have names that give nothing away as to the flavor "Wild Dick" sounds interesting .. Also agree go the bit extra for a tin, I was put off a couple of snuffs I receiver in tap boxes, only to discover the tins where a totally different snuff (Kendell Brown stands out in my mind)
  • "Wild Dick" sounds interesting ..

  • stogiestogie Member
    edited September 2014 PM
    Wild Duck IS interesting. A dark, fairly moist blend with a Smokey minty aroma redolescent of campfires in the evening next to a pond with wild mint under your bedroll. Rather pleasant.
  • Hmm, odd that you mention this. I distinctly remember taking Spanish Gem in a dream I had a couple of nights ago, despite not actually having used it for months.
  • I've been reading a lot about SG reviews cause of my dream. I'm gonna stock up on my next payday!
  • You can't go wrong with Red Crest. An all dayer for me.
  • Wild Duck is lovely - I tried it with some trepidation as the only other peppermint snuff I've had was Dean's Specific, which was nice once you got used to the fine Wilson's like grind and highly 'Trebor's Extra Strong Mints" scent. Wild Duck is nothing like that, moist, with a dark sort of scent to it - it's hard to describe but there some kind of slight leather thing going on behind it. Think brand new shoes and peppermint and you'll be getting there.
    Red Crest is the only one of the crests I haven't tried but it'll be next on my list. I'm presuming these three are the base tobaccos for other scents, but released on their own for those that like the scent of baccy.

    Yellow Crest, for me, is very like Toque Quit but not as fine a grind, and Blue Crest, as someone said here, is the closest thing you'll get to a cup of tea in snuff form. That one's a favourite of mine, I love SG Black Coffee (though it invariably makes me a bit dizzy), but sometimes you've got to have a cuppa!

    Wish they'd find a way of bringing back McCombie though, that was the best ever plain tobacco snuff.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    OK WILD DUCK IS ON MY WISHLIST! You got me, damn reviewers. Damn you all for making me wanna get yet another snuff. You know my to-get-list now has a year of supplies in it?

  • HR_pufnsnuffHR_pufnsnuff Member
    edited September 2014 PM
    OK WILD DUCK IS ON MY WISHLIST! You got me, damn reviewers. Damn you all for making me wanna get yet another snuff. You know my to-get-list now has a year of supplies in it?
    Mwahahahaha - our work here is done...
  • LOL. I understand you Rogue....I'm gonna order a list of Indian snuffs due to reviews and curiosity.
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