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A very sad day...

Just cracked open my 50g of crème de figure that I bought in the early part of this year and it had gone mouldy. :( I'd had a few pinches and fastened it tight, but in my foolishness hadn't refrigerated it. I only have myself to blame, but I still shed a tear. A stark lesson in the importance of good housekeeping!


  • That is a bummer.
    I had one from the very first batch go bad so I learned my lesson.
    Any moist snuff I like to use a spoon to remove any from the container.
  • Some of the best lessons are learned the hard way. Consoled myself with SG Scotch Black. An excellent snuff but not quite in the same class. Ordering some SWS Havana toast and Lundy foot. Hopefully the dries will keep better.
  • I'm sorry to hear this. If it's any consolation, your post will help newbies like me from making similar mistakes.
    I didn't know to refrigerate it but I was concerned about the high humidity and warm temps where I live.
    I'm trying to keep them in an airtight jar when not in use..kind of hard to do since they're almost always in use. ;-)
    Also no fingers go in the Artisan snuffs *now* that I know they're preservative free. (so much to learn).
    Plus I wipe off my "spoon" pretty often with rubbing alcohol. I'm also buying baby food jars to store smaller quantities as they have a tight rubber seal and are inexpensive.
    I hope your order arrives quickly and all is well from here on out.
  • I live in the tropics, pretty much hot, wet and humid all year around. I opened a few tins of SWS (Moro Moro, Creme de Figue, and Thrice Brewed) a few WEEKS ago and didn't bother putting them back in the fridge. When I opened them up again the other day, they had a thin film of mould on them. From now on, open tins go in the fridge.
  • Lundy Foot is the strongest punch of a toast I've had. You can almost feel it in your lungs. It's the cigar of snuffs!
  • NosemudNosemud Unconfirmed
    @ravenhorse‌ if you like the Lundy Foot, try the Havanna Toast. Strong cigar aspect that does not dissapoint.
  • how does Havanna Toast compare to Thrice Brewed?
  • Had to toss a tin of crème de figue yesterday that I had opened not less than a month ago due to mold. Sad indeed.

    Never had an issue with any other artisan snuffs. Fridge space is now allocated.
  • I was second guessing myself about using the refrigerator due to it's tendency to dry perishable items out. And it dried out opened cans of Snus though they can be rehydrated as can snuff. Also there's the endless debate about whether to store coffee beans or grind in the frig or freezer due to the natural oils in it. But after revisiting this thread back in the frig they go!
    Thanks, @Jakartaboy and @jimbo69 for your input. You've convinced me.
    One thought, because when you pull them out there's going to be condensation I'm going to let them sit until they reach room temperatures. Condensation is a common problem and enemy of Nicotine base for this reason. I'm taking no chances! :-)
  • @Talljim‌ whats this SG not in the same class business?
  • Dont get me wrong @saucy_jack‌ , SGs are my all day everyday snuffs. SWS are undeniably a treat. That said, if the toasts live up to my expectations, they could well become my go to snuff.
  • I've heard it said that SG KB is the oldest continually produced snuff and as such we can't knock them. And it's a belter and in my rotation. :)
  • LOL! @Talljim‌ don't worry, pal. I was just jesting. Though KB is one of the finest snuffs available to man.
  • I'm going mad on Scotch Black at the moment. It rocks.
  • I fancied a change from Black Rapee, and very nice it's proving. It seems to my nose to be the base of st elmos. Or is that just my jaded snout?
  • IvanIvan Member
    edited September 2014 PM
    @ravenhorse Here is my comparison: Havana Toast while coarser than most toasts is finer than Thrice Brewed. HT has warm citrus and coca notes that arise from the scent of roasted natural tobacco it smells like Bright Virginia pipe tobacco tastes when smoked. Whereas TB is pretty moist and coarse to the point that it resembles a German Brasil snuff, the aroma is definitely malty-yeasty beer with no hops notes and after time I get other scent; red wine or fruit and the smell that comes from piles mowed grass that have been left over night.
  • Thanx Ivan!
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