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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Pewter stinks?

coreymilliacoreymillia Member
edited September 2014 in Snuff Accessories
Was going to post this pic in "what's in your box?", but I got a vintage Hedges English pewter snuff box today. I wanted something metal for more moist snuffs. It is a really nice looking and functioning snuffbox. The contents stay in and the lid stays shut. I guess this is the first pewter anything I have owned. I know a lot of metal has a metallic smell to it, but this thing reeks. My hands smell like metal, I read that you can deodorize metal with baking soda and vinegar and proceeded to clean it. It seemed to help, a little, I had my doubts, kinda vinegary. The A/O still has a metallic smell. But I was wondering if that is why there are not a lot of pewter boxes available, or used, I haven't seen any praise on this website? I haven't opened my tin of Hedges, should I just put that in there? Is pewter safe with the lead in it?

I'm looking at some other metal boxes, and one says its steel, but has a gold looking lining like the expensive silver ones. Can someone explain what I may be looking at? Ill post a picture if anyone cares. Thanks.


  • I've had a couple of pewter beer mugs for many years and haven't noticed any smell. If that is an old snuff box I suspect it may have been polished/cleaned and that is what you are smelling. Pewter can tarnish, especially older pewter made with lead.
  • I have several pewter boxes, including one that I use very regularly, and have not noticed the metallic smell invading the snuff. The box looks very clean, so obviously whatever you did brought the shine back. Try using it for a while and see what happens - I would have thought that Hedges snuff would kill any smell from the metal without difficulty!
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • I use good old soap and water with mine (5) every so often and let them air dry. I use a drop of mineral oil on the hinges and wipe off any excess before filling. I've had them for over 30 years with no problems.
  • I'd be leery of the lead in it and the smell. I also have a pewter mug but I never liked drinking from it. There was something off about the taste when I drank from that mug. This is going back too many years for me to remember it well though. I delegated the mug to holding pens.
    I once worked with lead size for gold leafing moldings. It came in a liquid form. We needed two hands to put the leaf up so we held the cups of lead size with our teeth. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do! One guy got a bloody nose from holding the lead size like that. Ever since then I'm very cautious of anything that could leach lead and end up in my body. I already have enough metal in my body as it is from mercury tooth fillings.
  • The wood box on the right of it is gorgeous.
  • Cool. thanks. After I washed it, it worked fine today. Still a small metallic smell, but not invading the De kranglingse A/O that I can't get enough of. Glad to know that you all have been using them. It was listed as from the 60s and is made by Hedges. Not sure of the lead content.

    With that being said, all my Ecig vape pens are in a lot auction on ebay, no one has bid but I got 6 watchers on the first night. So I'm gonna take those funds and get something nice. I am looking at a silver box for $230, it is pretty awesome. I just emailed the lady and asked her to reserve it till I can load my debit card. Can't wait to show that off.

    @Valiant Thanks I got it on an ebay auction for $16. It is a good table top box I keep Echt Fresko in it because it is not very air tight and the Fresko is too moist and coarse for my nose by itself.
  • Glad it's working for you now, @coreymillia. It would have been a shame not to be able to use that cool pewter box!
  • I have a number of pewter snuff boxes, and I always seal them with bees wax 
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