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Bernard's Fichtennadel

I tend to avoid mentholated snuffs, but there are exceptions. I have been hesitant to order Bernard's Fichtennadel because I thought it would be too mentholated. However, I'm a huge fan of Zweifacher, so I finally ordered it. I'm more than pleasantly surprised by this snuff. A perfect touch of menthol balanced perfected by the spruce. When you take a pinch and step out into the cool Autumn air, the depth of flavor really stands out. I can not imagine someone not liking this snuff. Its perfect and has been in my daily rotation since it came in the mail a few days ago. Incredible and highly recommended.


  • I`m a great fan of Bernard`s Fichtennadel too. They also have a tobaccoless grape sugar based snuff with the same taste called "Eiskristall"
    (ice cristal). It`s the only tobaccoless snuff that I really like.
  • Fichtennadel is great, I totally agree with you!
  • Fichtennadel is great when you are walking in a city through the rain, next to heavy traffic.
  • must try it
  • otherwheres, you know just what you are talking about!
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