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Kloster Andechs Spezial

It was difficult for me to pin this snuff down initially. Sniffing the tapbox, I get menthol, anise, licorice and a blend of other unknown herbs. When I first took it in, the first thought was mentholated cherry Ricola, or perhaps even cherry Robitussin. Initially, I didn't think I would would like it, but the more I tried it, the more I'm drawn to it. I would surmise stating it is an herbal cough elixir in the nostrils. It is one definitely worth a try, and probably an either love it or hate it snuff. It brings back strong memories of my childhood. I was often quite sick, and this reminds me of the herbal cough drops and other remedies my grandmother would give me. I'm growing quite fond of it, and find myself reaching for the tapbox regularly. Its just a strange concoction that I can't quite put my finger on. If you order it, it might take a few pinches here and there to become accustomed to it, but its worth it!


  • Thanks for the review! The Ricola aroma comparison is very astute, or that's how I remember it, too.

    I haven't had Andechs for a couple of years, and I keep forgetting to re-order it. Along with Löwenprise it was the other snuff from Pöschl I really liked.

  • Ozona President is awesome. It grew on me and now is one of my favorite snuffs.
  • thanks for the review. Going to look for my neglected tap box right now.
  • I liked this snuff (my friend brought me a box from Oktoberfest) but it got my nose running every time I took it.
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